The Still Life Experience

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The Still Life Experience is a mobile retreat aimed at enriching the lives of Single Working Mothers through seminars and workshops conducted in a natural setting to encourage holistic wellness (body-mind- spirit) for a more balanced lifestyle in a stress-filled world. Through Life Coaching and Retreat and Renewal opportunities individuals will be given the opportunity to develop new skills as they explore their own path toward physical, emotional and spiritual well-being and connect with the positive energy provided in the natural healing environment of our local, State and National Parks. These skills, along with an introduction to the benefits of sharing the wonders of nature with your children, will allow this underserved population to gain a more solid foundation for dealing with their unique stressors, bonding with their children and a new perspective on their connection to the universe.


The Still Life Experience mobile retreat conducts six workshops per year at designated National Parks beginning in April and ending in November. Major urban centers near the selected National Parks (less than a 3-hour drive) will be targeted for participation in the program. In the weeks prior to the retreat, 6 – 10 women will be recruited, vetted and established as participants. Two preliminary events will be held to explain the program, help women plan for childcare if necessary and fine-tune the arrangements for transportation, what to bring and questions regarding what to expect. The Still Life Retreat Management Team will work with the women to insure their ability to participate. The Participants will be shuttled to the retreat site for three days and two nights of environmental magic and an experience they will draw from as they return with a greater purpose and empowerment. Follow-up will be offered through The Still Life Experience website through ongoing dialog, the opportunity for continued Life Coaching and the formation of local Still Life camping groups designed for single moms to continue their out of doors experience and share it with their children.

Project Leader

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Linda Gregory,

As creator, manager and facilitator of the Still Life Experience, Linda will fulfill her vision to bring a holistic lifestyle experience to Single Working Mothers who shoulder sole support of their families. It has always been her personal principle to offer nothing less than the best to those whom she serves, so she believes she is entering this project with the qualifications necessary to deliver an outstanding program. Those qualification include:

  • The experience of being a single parent Associates Degree in Holistic Wellness: Transpersonal Psychology, Nutrition, Sustainability and Urban Farming – Southwest Institute of Healing Arts (Graduation 3/2018)

  • Lifetime of Hiking, Camping and Outdoor Winter Sports

  • Participant in the Catholic Youth Organization Camping and Hiking program; Youth Camp/Family Camp Director and Youth Athletic Director

Additionally, throughout her life, Linda has taken on leadership roles in academia (Student Government), career (management positions in every field and entrepreneurship) and in social and personal endeavors (PTA President; Church Camping and Athletic Director & Single mom). Linda has excellent communication skills, both verbal and written, experience in Public Speaking and Fundraising. Linda works well in a team setting or independently as she is flexible and adaptable to situations that make sense and not afraid to challenge those that don’t.