Dogs to the Rescue

A hairy tale about climate solutions. 

Dogs to the Rescue is an all-ages show using puppets, humor, and music to share the fundamentals of climate action and our vision of healthy low carbon communities.  Dogs to the Rescue performs at city parks, libraries, farmers markets and festivals. 

The mission of Dogs to the Rescue is to empower families and communities to make healthy choices for people and the planet.

Dogs to the Rescue also has a Dogs breeding program. In addition to the original troupe, there are 3 “puppy” puppet troupes performing the show around the country. Dogs to the Rescue wants to inspire and help more groups bring Dogs to the Rescue to Cascadia and beyond. 

Praise for Dogs to the Rescue:

Thank you so very much for the fun yet very informative puppet show. You were an inspiration to young and old alike. Keep up the good work.

- Marian Meyers, Librarian Belleview, IA

We were so impressed with your excellent show!

- Carol Hill, Librarian Canton, MO

Playful yet accurate. Children clearly liked the puppets and humor. The music cracked many a smile among adults. Audience participation kept looping us in. Well done!

- Susan Parsons, Librarian, Arcata, CA