Big Bang Rhythms


Big Bang! Drumming for Life's mission is to use rhythm-based music enrichment to improve society and the lives of individuals in seven core areas: psychological and emotional healing, physical well-being, group cooperation, increased awareness, compassion for others, creative exploration, and having fun!

Drumming is a primal form of communication—a group expression that promotes healing, cooperation, and creativity. Even today, in the internet age, drumming remains a highly effective and powerful tool for social and personal transformation. It elevates mood, increases circulation, improves cognitive ability, and promotes cooperation. Big Bang Rhythms is a community resource for drumming, music therapy, and community building. We offer classes and workshops to the public, and bring drumming to institutions such as senior assisted living centers and classrooms for disabled children, where those who truly need it can experience this uplifting, energizing yet gentle therapy—and have fun while doing it!

Big Bang Rhythms will

  • Host drum enrichment sessions at Bellingham senior care facilities and special education classrooms.

  • Facilitate sliding scale African drumming classes at Bellingham Academy of Music.

  • Hold workshops with Master Drummers, authors, and other drumming community experts.

  • Partner with music therapists to offer drum therapy.

  • Partner on studying the positive effects of drum enrichment and therapy.

  • Hold presentations by musicians, authors, drum therapists,  and other drumming community experts in Bellingham.

  • Host benefit concerts featuring their volunteers and participants as well as icons of the drumming community.


Project leader Will Kersten is a writer, marketer, and life-long musician who has worked with special needs children and seniors who suffer from disabilities such as autism, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, and other conditions. He has seen first-hand how drumming can benefit not only those suffering from disabilities, but everyone—individuals and the community as a whole. On the surface, drumming improves circulation and gets the body moving. On a deeper level, it brings people great joy and fosters a sense of belonging and togetherness. Will uses his professional skills and passion for music and people to bring drum enrichment to Cascadia, providing public classes and workshops, mobile drum enrichment sessions to institutions, and drumming for life to all!