Port Angeles Nature School

Originally envisioned as just an outdoor preschool, the dream Port Angeles Nature School is to someday provide affordable nature-based outdoor education programs to all grade-levels.  Port Angeles Nature School will focus on the preschool to establish roots, working towards a school that brings kids and families from all corners of our community to all local parks, creating a model for all kids to have regular access to their neighborhood, city, county, state and national parks. There is currently a huge demand for early-learning providers in Port Angeles. Port Angeles Nature School wants every kid in every neighborhood to grow up loving where they live while loving learning.

Port Angeles Nature School is committed to 

  • Providing affordable, high-quality nature-based education programs to the Port Angeles community.  

  • Fostering a lifelong joy of learning through deep physical and emotional connections with the rich cultural and natural histories of the Olympic Peninsula.

  • Promoting opportunities for local children and families to connect with their city, county, state, and national parks through educational field trips, summer camps, and service projects.

  • Providing developmentally appropriate learning experiences that cater to each individual student’s interests and needs.  

  • Supporting and enhancing the social, emotional, physical, language and cognitive development of each student.

Contact us to let us know if you would like to volunteer directly with this project. All gifts are tax deductible.


Look for these awesome Port Angeles Nature School programs

  • Monthly Family Playdays: Free to all outdoor playdays!

  • Full tuition scholarships to as many students as the school budget allows.

  • Daily fall, winter, and spring preschool using the Loomis Tavern (cabin) at Lincoln Park.

  • A few days of summer camp at Lincoln Park.

  • Field trips to share other outdoor locations and connections with the students and the community. 

  • Creative, place-based parties and fundraisers!