Rental Providers for Positive Change


Rental Providers for Positive Change (RPfPC) has a mission to work together as rental providers on the path toward becoming more ethical in their relationships with tenants, with communities, and with the environment. To use their position as rental providers to push for systems and culture change, to move towards a more fair society with a strong safety net. This group of rental providers (landlords) and those closely connected to providing rentals (property managers, real estate brokers) will listen to and value those who are most impacted.

RPfPC and their tenant-activist partners, will

  • Develop a rental provider agreement (acknowledgements and pledge.)
  • Host core gatherings of like-minded rental providers, with renter representation/input, to further develop strategies & tools.
  • Make available online, a working/evolving list of pro-tenant practices.
  • Host a Fair Housing Council of Oregon (FHCO) landlord training, or gather landlords to go to FHCO trainings.
  • Outreach to media to present perspectives of pro-tenant rental providers.
  • Maintain partnerships with pro-tenant groups and seek partnerships with group(s) representing people facing homelessness/housing insecurity

Project Leader

Casterline bio pic RPforPC.jpg

Edith Casterline, Founder

In this project Edith is bringing her two decades of experience in the nonprofit world together with her experience as a rental provider. Also a parent, artist, and nature appreciator, each role adds to her sense of connection to the region and her desire to make a positive difference.