Get active today.

We dream of an activated, connected Cascadia where, every day, we all do something intentional for the well-being of our bioregion and community. Here are a few suggestions on how you can get active today. If there is anything we can do to support you, don’t hesitate to be in touch at


Learn about bioregionalism.
Check out our reading list for suggested titles in journalism, poetry, essays, and history on bioregional thought and its evolution in Cascadia.

Keep us updated.
Contribute your knowledge and keep us informed on what’s going on in your corner of the bioregion. Is there an action event coming up that is important to your community? A cultural festival? A boycott? An organizational event? Let us know! Our mission is to connect the bioregion and offer a stage to support action events from all corners of Cascadia! Get in touch with us.

Start your own CascadiaNow! Chapter.
Contact us to learn more about the resources CascadiaNow! provides to our many chapters around the bioregion. Chapters are a gathering space for local Cascadians to collaborate, activate, and learn through a bioregional approach.


Join a community action in support of a cause you are passionate about.
Research a local activist group working on an issue important to you. Reach out, attend a meeting, and brainstorm ways that you can dedicate your skill sets to promoting their cause and mission!


Launch or join a local community project.
Contact us today to learn about getting involved with one of the many projects that are part of the CascadiaNow! nonprofit family - or to learn how we can support you in launching your own awesome project.


Seek out local businesses that nurture community.
Be intentional in your spending and seek out businesses that choose sustainable practices, are locally owned, pay their workers fair wages, and are truly a cornerstone of your community. Go the extra step and submit a business to our Made in Cascadia program!


Connect with CascadiaNow! to stay in the know.
Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or sign up for our monthly newsletter to receive updates about events and initiatives around the bioregion.


Make a charitable gift.
Support one of the projects in the CascadiaNow! nonprofit family, become a CascadiaNow! member, or donate to another community project that makes your heart sing.