Be Involved: 12 Ways Every Person Can be Active

1) Follow our social media – and share!

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In addition, share your lovely photo’s, stories, events and ideas by sending them to Send pictures of your flags flying and we will share them for #dougflyinfriday.

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2) Sign up for our Newsletter - Stay Updated!

Sign up for our monthly newsletter and bulletins at and stay updated with our most recent updates, ways to be involved, and upcoming events. Make sure to add our emails on your safe list to make sure you actually get the updates :), and feel free to check in on our website calendar or blog regularly if that's not often enough. 

3) Learn about Cascadia & Bioregionalism - Get EducatED & Share 

Bioregionalism and the Cascadia movement are ideas that go back many decades, and have spread into mainstream society in many ways. Take a moment and get grounded in what bioregionalism, how it affects your life, and where you might want to jump in. Take a look at our About Bioregionalism page, our Bioregionalism 101 reading list here, browse the history of the movement here, or find some great resources here. In addition, read our Theory of Change - Why Bioregionalism page to get grounded in our philosophy and principles.

3) Take the Bioregional Pledge and Become a Member - Join our Movement

Take the Bioregional Pledge: 

You can take the bioregional pledge by signing up on the sidebar, or learning more here. The pledge is for those looking to live more bioregionally, and will receive emails, special campaigns, calls to actions and other awesome ways to hook in.

Become a Sustaining Member:

CascadiaNow! is a supporter driven movement and organization. Sustaining members support our work at $5, $10, $15, $20 levels per month and receive cool member only swag and other perks. Become a CascadiaNow! member here

5) Create Positive Impact - Get Active in your Community! 

Cascadia hopes that every person in the PNW will be active about issues they care about, to build a movement that is positive and inclusive, for a vibrant and resilient bioregion, and that supports actions that are local, ethical and sustainable. Find an issue that speaks to you, be a Cascadia Steward, and join with friends to make it happen. Reach out to your local Cascadia ambassadors, chapter or here at CN! and we can help spread the word. Clean a park, eat local, get local restaurants to use more sustainable take out materials, grow a garden, volunteer with a foodbank or partner and support the amazing, local groups already in your community. If you would like to represent CascadiaNow! while doing these actions, bring a flag, wear a patch, give out stickers, or contact us if you have other ideas. Make sure to share any pictures you might have with Most of all, let's create a Cascadian culture that is responsible, accountable, that we spread and steward through our personal interactions that we can be proud of, creating positive ripples that can cascade towards a new future, and protecting this amazing place.

6) Be a Cascadian Ambassador - Get Involved!

CascadiaNow! is a grassroots and DIY movement and organization. From having flag waving parties, creating banners, or creating unique Cascadia art projects, Cascadia is a movement that every person can be a part, of and show their own unique passion and pride. CascadiaNow! Ambassadors raise awareness and educate about Cascadia & bioregionalism, shift our impacts locally, and build connections with local businesses, organizations and groups in their communities. They are the front face of our organization. Ambassadors give presentations, table, do art campaigns, and help connect regional campaigns and projects into their community at a local level, and hook in with a regional CN! ambassador and chapter network. To sign up, fill out the form above, or learn more at our Be an Ambassador Page here.  Slap a sticker on your bike or car, fly a flag from the porch, grab a pic while hiking, share info to local events, businesses and groups, or spread the word with your friends and family. 

7) Be A Cascadia Partner - Share the Movement

Groups, Events or Businesses:

Any group or business can be a Cascadia partner! Right now we are working to develop a Made in Cascadia business directory and brand to support businesses that are local, sustainable and ethical. In the meantime, if you carry a Cascadia item you would like carried in our store, would like to wholesale our items, give CascadiaNow! members a discount to your business, use the Cascadia flag on your items, give a tax deductible % of your proceeds or profits, would like to create a promotional relationship or have other ideas - contact us at! We'd love to chat. 

Cascadia specific Organizations, Projects, Events, Ideas:

One of our primary missions is to educate about Cascadia and bioregionalism, and if your organization or event also does this, or would like to find ways to partner, we are happy to share via our social media, linking, or creating a partner page on our website. If you're Cascadia related group would like to start accepting tax-deductible donations contact us about forming a Cascadia Workgroup. All groups dedicated to working in the context of Cascadia, CascadiaNow,  bioregionalism or the Cascadia movement, are given the same space as our own core programming, workgroups and chapters. 

8) Join or Start a Cascadia Project - Be the Change you Want to See!

Cascadia Projects are similar to fiscally sponsored projects, but focus on Cascadia or bioregionalism in some way, are regional and generally focus on one specific issue or passion. A Cascadia Project can be as simple as an email list, facebook group, or can be a group of people working to organize a specific event or group. Examples include hiking groups, artist meetups, zine making parties, reading groups, a Cascadia magazine, podcast, radio program, annual events, and much more! Local chapters also host their own ‘workgroups’ and Cascadia Projects for their own areas. If you have a Cascadia idea you would like to get off the ground, reach out with us! We can help find others interested in creating a leadership team, raise awareness, find volunteers, and provide a framework for fundraising, donations and other awesome ways to make your project a success. 

9) Start a Chapter - A Place Based Hub of Learning & Action

CascadiaNow! Chapters undertake and represent the CascadiaNow! mission on a local level. Chapters educate and raise awareness about Cascadia, host Cascadia related workgroups, and can fiscally sponsor their own community enhancing projects. They work together with other chapters and ambassadors to share resources, coordinate around campaigns and events, and build a network of change agents working throughout the Pacific Northwest. Chapters have a dedicated budget, can create fundraisers, receive at cost merchandise ordering, and receive administrative fee's for projects they steward to use as a funding device. Want to be involved in a more official capacity and help share the idea of Cascadia in your community? Join us as a Cascadia regional organizer! Contact us and we will set up a time for a one on one phone call to discuss your ideas and interests.

10) Get Sponsored! - Become a Program / Project of CN! 

Projects are ‘Community Enhancers’ that may not be connected in any way to Cascadia, the Movement, or CN! But that are working to improve the Pacific Northwest, either the place or it’s inhabitants. By extending our non-profit tax status over a wide array of groups, projects and events, we provide critical backend services such as IRS tax reporting, insurance and legal requirements, budgeting, development and fundraising consultation, the ability to take tax-deductible donations or grant funding - as well as a host of other tools and services that every group needs, but very few have the access too - on their own journey to becoming a self-sufficient program or standalone 501(c)3 organization. If you have a great idea, group or project that you work with, and might be seeking to take that to the next level, contact us, or read more about our fiscal sponsorship services here. Even if you have any questions about the process of non-profit incorporation 


11) Volunteer with CascadiaNow! - Join us! 

Cascadia, We need you! Cascadia is a completely grassroots, positive and inclusive social movement, rooted in a love of place, and powered by the amazing creativity of the Cascadia supporters. You are this movement! CascadiaNow welcomes each person to be active at whatever level they choose. Graphic design, web design, accounting, event coordination or management, communications, development, fundraising, outreach, hands on skills etc. CascadiaNow! volunteers work directly with our staff or chapters. If you have a skill you would like to donate, let us know!

12) Host an Event or Fundraiser - Help Cascadia Grow! 

One of the easiest ways to be active is to host a Cascadia potluck, a book club, a fundraiser, a music show, a hike with friends or gather other friends interested in the idea of Cascadia to discuss ways you might want to be interested to help us raise awareness of Cascadia, and celebrate this beautiful region. Make sure to be in touch - we'd love to share your event and will add it to our calendar, and share in our newsletter and on social media.


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