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CascadiaNow! is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit.

2016 Returning Member "Thank You" Gift


2016 returning members each received this one-of-a-kind, hand made Cascadia mug by Seattle independent artists Lisa Bade and Erin Carlton. The mugs are a limited edition of 120, hand numbered, made from clay excavated from the I-90 tunnel project from the 1990's rebuild in King County, WA, and crafted and fired over a six week creation process. They are blue and green, and feature the Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus (of course!) waving a Doug Cascadia flag.

New Member Welcome Benefits

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  • Cascadia sticker pack
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  • Choose one:
    • Cascadia Flag, 3'x5' 
    • RAINBOW Cascadia Flag, 3'x5' 
    • Member T-shirt 

Returning Member Appreciation Gift

All CascadiaNow! members receive a 10% discount in our online store. To show our extreme gratitude to returning members, we send a very special "thank you" gift each year to all renewing Members who have supported us for two or more years. We are proud to partner with Cascadian artists and makers to produce this unique item as a token of our appreciation.