Become an Ambassador.

Just as Cascadia is a diverse group of individuals with common interests, ambassadors and chapters create a vibrant network of localized groups that raise awareness of Cascadia, build partnerships, host projects and empower every person to be active about issues they care about. 

CascadiaNow! Ambassadors raise awareness and educate about Cascadia & bioregionalism, shift our impacts locally, and build connections with local businesses, organizations and groups. Ambassadors give presentations, table, create art campaigns, and connect regional campaigns and projects into their community at a local level, while simultaneously hooking in with our CN! ambassador and chapter network.

Interested in becoming a Cascadia Ambassador? Connect with us using the form below:

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Ways to get active as a Cascadian Ambassador

Host a Cascadia Project, workgroup, or club

Any person, volunteer or member can start a Cascadia related project that they are passionate about! From ideas like a Cascadia National Football Team, Poetry Festivals, a Open Source GIS Workgroup, or Democratic Cooperatives, a Magazine, or Wikimedia Users Group; to informal clubs like Cascadia Hiking Groups, Book Reading Groups on Bioregionalism or Chinook Wawa, every person can create a Cascadia project. CascadiaNow! will help you flush out a leadership team, provide space in our newsletters, blog, calendar and social media, will work with you to build a timeline and budget, and provides a non-profit umbrella for receiving grants and fundraising when your club or group is ready.

Form a local Cascadianow! Chapter

Chapters are placed based hubs that undertake and host CascadiaNow! programming at a local level, and for all intents and purposes are administrative bodies that can host their own outreach, trainings, projects, resource creation, and adopt their own fiscally sponsored projects and fundraising. You can see a lit

Hook into our Regional Ambassador and Chapter Network

Ambassadors and Chapter organizers work together to create a bioregional framework of individuals, projects and groups, build resources, and coordinate around regional and local campaigns. It is our goal to host regular Ambassador Leadership summits, including our annual Cascadia Convergence each year. 

Intern with CascadiaNow!

Do you have skills that you would like to offer directly to CascadiaNow! or a project, chapter or group? Contact us! While our main offices are located in Seattle, WA, we love working with Cascadians remotely across the bioregion! Think you might like to explore the inner workings of an small, supporter funded, grassroots nonprofit? Check out our internship page for more information!

P.S. If you are a student, we offer Academic Internships!

Help promote Cascadianow! programming in your local community

From Made in Cascadia, to our local chapter networking events, to programs and projects hosted by our beloved nonprofit partners- ambassadors act as stewards of CN! and CN! programming in their local communities.