Finding Family Movie

Help us help foster children.

Finding Family is a feature length dramatic film about a Cascadian horse trainer and her husband who want to adopt an infant from foster care. The foster care system, however, convinces the couple to foster three teenage siblings, including a teen with a history of animal abuse. This film will be used by foster agencies to encourage families to foster older children and sibling groups by portraying a realistic view of the challenges and rewards that come with fostering older children. In addition, the film will be submitted to festivals and seek distribution.

CN! will donate all profits to agencies in Cascadia that support older foster children and young adults who have aged out of the system and need help getting settled into adult life.

“[Finding Family Movie] Brings empathy to people who who otherwise wouldn’t be able to relate.” — Daniel Kilby, Founder of the Young Entrepreneurs Club & former foster child

“Near miraculous things happen when these kids [in group homes] can be in a predictable..non threatening environment and develop closeness... for the first time.” — Mark Weinstein, retired social worker on working with foster kids in group homes


Finding Family writer and producer, Meredith Binder, is an award winner filmmaker with 11 years of experience the industry. Her films have screened in festivals around the world and gained distribution through Netflix, IndieFlix, Ouat! Media, KidsFirst, and Typecast Pictures. To learn more about her work, visit Meredith's Internet Movie Database Page.