The Living Bus Project

Moving beyond NET-ZERO, we are creating a NET-POSITIVE resource for our Cascadian community in the Pacific Northwest.

In designing their future home, the creators of The Living Bus Project chose to create a platform with the ability to provide for their family's own needs, as well as "give back" to our community in multiple forms. Each of the primary systems (ie, power, water, etc.) have been designed with a net-positive approach. This creates a surplus beyond their own needs and allows then to extend essential utilities to others. This allows for the overall vehicle platform to serve as the base infrastructure for each of the community-related activities The Living Bus Project hopes to pursue with their project during the upcoming stages of life. The Living Bus Project is a self-contained and closed-loop "tiny house" inspired by the Living Building Challenge. It is built using LEED Platinum Standards and demonstrates the possibilities for: Ecological Water Flow, Net Zero Water, Net Zero Energy, FSC Certified Lumber, Alternative Biofuels, and Environmentally Friendly & Sustainable products.