Earthship Seattle Visitors Center

The Earthship Seattle Visitors Center will serve as the epicenter for Earthship knowledge in the Pacific Northwest. It will deploy people of any educational background and skills to construct in a socially and globally responsible manner via Biotecture.

What's an Earthship? An Earthship is a sustainable home made of recycled materials, providing comfort, food, and all of its utilities on-site, without using any fossil fuels.

The mission of Earthship Seattle Vistitors Center (ESVC) is to raise awareness about Earthships and tackle the barriers between people and their Earthship dreams in the greater Seattle area. The goal of this project is to build an Earthship Visitor Center in King County, Washington, Cascadia. This building will be single bedroom global model Earthship home. It will be custom designed for the local climate and will demonstrate the six principles of Biotecture. These six principles aim to bridge the gap between the natural systems of the Earth and our built environment.

The ESVC envisions being a communal hub hosting events, gatherings and educational endeavors. The wider goal of the ESVC is to pave the way for others to utilize this radically sustainable building technique. Fast forward ten years and ESVC envisions Earthship subdivisions and families of all socio-economic backgrounds building and living in Earthships. ESVC's mission of bringing Earthship building code to the state of Washington does not stop in the state of Washington; they’d like to influence the states and countries around us as well.

The ESVC will be a very volunteer-oriented operation promoting free communal educational opportunities consistently. It will converse multicultural, diverse groups of people with endless amounts of community building gatherings.

All gifts are tax deductible. Contact us to let us know if you would like to volunteer directly with this project. 

Earthship Seattle Vistors Center Leadership Team

Jamie Owens

Jamie has been involved with Earthships since October of 2012 when she helped to found Earthship Seattle. Jamie is very knowledgeable about the 6 principles of Earthships. She has led workshops and taught on the subject of repurposing what would otherwise be trash. Jamie is well established in the sustainable building community. She helped to organize and host the 3 day seminar with Michael Reynolds in Seattle in 2013. Jamie has an established relationship with Earthship Biotechture in Taos, NM. Her passions are community building and sustainability.

Courtney Skony


Courtney has been surrounded by architecture and development her whole life.  She interned at a local architecture firm in high school, and her first development project was working for her father who is a local architect and real estate developer, in 2009. Since then she has been employed at a local real estate brokerage, property management and development firm. She has managed all types of commercial and residential properties, and built multiple mixed use and transit oriented developments in the Seattle area. She is currently finishing the second phase of Green Lake Village, which she managed from inception, through permitting, financing, construction and into leasing. The draw to architecture and development is deeply rooted in a desire to affect the way humans interact with their built environment. In her day job, this means creating density in transit oriented areas, allowing Seattle to grow and house citizens comfortably. While it’s somewhat contrary to her job, Courtney is personally interested in sustainable living, and how less dependence on  electricity and municipal services, and self sustainable food production can be integrated in to housing.