Cascadia Resiliency and Networking Gathering Sept. 9-15 in Oregon Umqua Forest

Cascadia Resiliency and Networking Gathering Sept. 9-15 in Oregon Umqua Forest

A Cascadian Resilience Gathering is growing in the woods of Southern Cascadia. The Guild of Scholars, Scribes and Independent Posties (G.O.S.S.I.P.) has called this gathering during the week of September 9-15, 2013. They intend to create a safe time and space for Cascadians to share important information pertaining to resilience and networking in a uniquely Cascadian setting. The gathering will have skill shares, conversations, presentations, reverence for nature and live music.

Cascadia Now! Meetups set for Vancouver, Seattle, Olympia and Portland

For those interested, we're happy to announce several upcoming Cascadia Now! meetups throughout the Northwest, starting in Olympia, Vancouver, Seattle and Portland. Meetings are usually welcoming and informal, and will likely include introductions, greetings, discussions about current and ongoing campaigns, actions, merchandise, newsletters, zines as well as organizing workshops, lectures, and conferences.

As always, we're also looking for people interested in hosting meetups in other cities as well, and if you're interested feel free to contact us at with a date/place that you think is appropriate.


For futher details: 

Olympia, WA: Wednesday, December 12th @ Fishtails Brewpub3pm Get Involved: Contact:

Vancouver, BC: Saturday, December 15th @ W2 Media Cafe 1pm Get Involved:

Seattle, WA: Tuesday, December 18th @ Cafe Allegro 7pm Every other Tuesday Get Involved: Contact:

Portland, OR: Wednesday, January 9th @ Psu Smith Memorial Student Union Portland,Or Once started the group will meet every second and fourth Wednesday Get Involved: Contact:


If you don't live near the above cities, please let us know if you would like to host a Cascadia meetup of your own.

If you'd like to get active with Cascadia Now! there are always a wide variety of ways in which to help out. If you have any special interests, would like to let us know how you think you can help or just to show your support please don’t hesitate to contact us on our Get Involved page. Right now we are especially looking for anyone with non-profit administration, grant writing or volunteer coordination experience, but never hesitate to shoot us an email.

As always, stay in touch through our newsletter, reddit forums, facebook page and facebook group

New Portland Cascadia Now! Tumblr Blog

Ewacky Portland Streetart

Cascadia Now! PDX Portland has a new Tumblr Blog at Pictures, news & info; stay up to date, get involved! Raising bioregional awareness in portland, puddletown, pedaltown, stumptown, bridge city, rose city, or whatever you want to call this place. Those interested in being involved in organizing efforts are also encouraged to join their Portland Chapter Email Alert System:  or by sending an email to This email system is a one way messaging system to alert you to upcoming Cascadia events and to receive monthly newsletters from Cascadia Now!

From the website: 

“...if we identify ourselves based on a sense of place in the world, connected to the life-sustaining system around us, it becomes our duty to implement necessary changes to increase and sustain the flourishing of non-human life around us. And when those changes are made, they will inherently increase the flourishing of human life. The policies and politics of this process are dense and should be discussed face to face, in living rooms, at community events, gatherings, convergences, conferences, and the halls of power, not on facebook. But our first step, as Cascadians aware of what lays ahead if we don’t step up, is to make sure everyone living in our bioregion understands that Cascadia is real, it exists, that they belong to it. That it will take all of us working together to make our bioregion the thriving community that it once was. The legends of streams so thick with salmon that you could walk across can again come true. Cascadia is home to the largest living things, we are a place of legends and our legends are not for sale at any price. Let us Free Cascadia and free ourselves to thrive again!”

Photo credit goes to Ewacky:

The Cascadia Monthly – June Edition of our Newsletter Released

Vancouver WhiteCaps Cascadia Flag

In this June edition of the Cascadian Monthly:

Featured Updates from around Cascadia: 

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Anyone should feel free to download, print and distribute as they see fit.

The Cascadia Monthly newsletter is a free monthly newsletter. We have a completely open submission policy and welcome any and all articles related to Cascadia and the Pacific Northwest, though we ask that they not be politically affiliated. Articles that violate our mission statement will also likely not be included.

Submit related Cascadia content, pictures, articles, events or contributions to our editor Adam Munson at

Previous Editions:

Cascadian Caravan and Party to the Peace Arch, July 1st Weekend

Peacearch-usside (1)

Join us as we begin a series of Cascadian Gatherings throughout the Pacific Northwest, beginning in Portland on June 29th, Seattle on the 30th, and ending with a regional convergence with others from Vancouver and around British Columbia on July 1st at the Peace Arch, on the Canadian/US border. Music, food, speak outs, T-shirt, bandana, patch and flag making! Many other events (maybe a game of 'Capture the Doug'?). We'll also have a series of collaborative art projects that everyone will be encouraged to help us create as we travel.

The Peace Arch remains the last place in the Northwest where citizens of any country can come together without any identity papers and affirm their love of place, not as merely Canadian or US, but as Cascadian. Rising to a total of 20.5 meters, 67 feet it is inscribed with "Children of a Common Mother" on the United States side as well as "Brethren dwelling together in unity" facing Canada and underneath both, within the arch itself it reads "May these gates never be closed".

July 1st is Canada Day, July 4th US Independence Day, and so we have chosen this weekend, and the symbolically important Peace Arch to celebrate the things that make the Pacific Northwest unique. An inter-dependence that transcends national and state boundaries and unites us together. 

  • Portland: June 29th
  • Seattle: June 30th
  • Peace Arch: July 1st

Details will be added as soon as we get them confirmed. If you can't make the events in Portland or Seattle, hold a gathering in your city or region and join us at the Peace Arch. Show your support, and we'll get you added to our list of events. We are also looking for organizational partners to help us put on this event. If you, or a group you work with would like to help contribute in any way, please just contact us and let us know.

We will be working to try and provide everyone with ride-shares and crash space if they need it, so just leave a comment or message us directly and we'll try to get to you. Also, if you are planning to attend and have extra room in your vehicle please contact us.

So, come meet your fellow Cascadians, no passports necessary.

For more information, contact us directly at and RSVP on our facebook page