Vote Cascadia: An Interactive Community Art Project

Official Ballot

During this last round of our recent election cycle here in Cascadia, an interesting new Tumblr blog popped up, followed by a flood of dozens of images that quickly spread through Facebook and Twitter.

The images, part of a new interactive art project called ‘Vote Cascadia’ were a response to the release of a simple template that could be downloaded online and allowed people to fill out their hopes and desires for a Cascadia Commonwealth before anonymously reposting them.

“The project works to help people engage their neighbors and communities in re-imagining city, state and place - by asking each person to anonymously share their vision of a perfect world. By comparing and contrasting our different visions, we begin to understand more intimately the needs, hopes, and desires of those around us, and find our common ground.”

The “Results” of this poll are dynamic word cloud art images. All the ballots are analyzed for word frequency, and the most common words are larger proportional to their usage. In this way, they sum up in a single image the recurring thoughts, dreams, and ideas of an entire community- our collective common ground.

Ballots that have been submitted so far can be viewed on http://votecascadia.tumblr.com/ . In addition, anyone looking to get involved or help expand the project into their own neighborhood is encouraged to email: notsamsmith@gmail.com


New Portland Cascadia Now! Tumblr Blog

Ewacky Portland Streetart

Cascadia Now! PDX Portland has a new Tumblr Blog at http://cascadia-pdx.tumblr.com/. Pictures, news & info; stay up to date, get involved! Raising bioregional awareness in portland, puddletown, pedaltown, stumptown, bridge city, rose city, or whatever you want to call this place. Those interested in being involved in organizing efforts are also encouraged to join their Portland Chapter Email Alert System: http://cascadia-pdx.tumblr.com/email  or by sending an email to portland-cascadia-subscribe@lists.riseup.net. This email system is a one way messaging system to alert you to upcoming Cascadia events and to receive monthly newsletters from Cascadia Now!

From the website: 

“...if we identify ourselves based on a sense of place in the world, connected to the life-sustaining system around us, it becomes our duty to implement necessary changes to increase and sustain the flourishing of non-human life around us. And when those changes are made, they will inherently increase the flourishing of human life. The policies and politics of this process are dense and should be discussed face to face, in living rooms, at community events, gatherings, convergences, conferences, and the halls of power, not on facebook. But our first step, as Cascadians aware of what lays ahead if we don’t step up, is to make sure everyone living in our bioregion understands that Cascadia is real, it exists, that they belong to it. That it will take all of us working together to make our bioregion the thriving community that it once was. The legends of streams so thick with salmon that you could walk across can again come true. Cascadia is home to the largest living things, we are a place of legends and our legends are not for sale at any price. Let us Free Cascadia and free ourselves to thrive again!”

Photo credit goes to Ewacky: http://instagram.com/p/PDPKptHJM1/