Cascadia Now! Meetups set for Vancouver, Seattle, Olympia and Portland

For those interested, we're happy to announce several upcoming Cascadia Now! meetups throughout the Northwest, starting in Olympia, Vancouver, Seattle and Portland. Meetings are usually welcoming and informal, and will likely include introductions, greetings, discussions about current and ongoing campaigns, actions, merchandise, newsletters, zines as well as organizing workshops, lectures, and conferences.

As always, we're also looking for people interested in hosting meetups in other cities as well, and if you're interested feel free to contact us at with a date/place that you think is appropriate.


For futher details: 

Olympia, WA: Wednesday, December 12th @ Fishtails Brewpub3pm Get Involved: Contact:

Vancouver, BC: Saturday, December 15th @ W2 Media Cafe 1pm Get Involved:

Seattle, WA: Tuesday, December 18th @ Cafe Allegro 7pm Every other Tuesday Get Involved: Contact:

Portland, OR: Wednesday, January 9th @ Psu Smith Memorial Student Union Portland,Or Once started the group will meet every second and fourth Wednesday Get Involved: Contact:


If you don't live near the above cities, please let us know if you would like to host a Cascadia meetup of your own.

If you'd like to get active with Cascadia Now! there are always a wide variety of ways in which to help out. If you have any special interests, would like to let us know how you think you can help or just to show your support please don’t hesitate to contact us on our Get Involved page. Right now we are especially looking for anyone with non-profit administration, grant writing or volunteer coordination experience, but never hesitate to shoot us an email.

As always, stay in touch through our newsletter, reddit forums, facebook page and facebook group

First Spokane Cascadia Now! Meetup this Friday, May 25th

Spokane will be having their first Cascadia Now! Meetup on Friday May 25th, 4pm at the Riverside Park by the Post Street Bridge.

The first gathering will be pretty informal and will mostly be getting acquainted with the other supporters for Cascadia and setting some short term goals.

More information and directions can be found on our Calendar events page our contact Patrick Adams directly at 

Photo credit belongs to Tony Grabenstein

Unifying Cascadia: Bioregional Meetup in Eugene this Saturday, March 31st

What could make a real difference for resilience and sustainability in the Eugene area and the Cascadia bioregion? Bring your ideas, questions and projects about local resilience and sustainability to our Open Space Conference March 31 at the City of Eugene Campbell Community Center 155 High St., Eugene, OR 97401 from 9am to 5pm.

This will NOT be your ordinary conference. Open Space events like this are participatory and self-organizing: YOU will make it the exciting gathering it will be. There will be no official speakers and no predetermined workshops or panels. Anyone who wants to create a session for any topic related to the question above will announce it in the first 30-45 minutes. Then we'll just get on with it. We'll be all together at the start and the finish - but in the middle we'll each be doing exactly what we really want to be doing. And it will probably add up to something amazing.

Come to learn, share, explore, collaborate or organize around whatever has heart and meaning for you. We can make breakthroughs together because our diverse passions, group knowledge, meaningful conversations and new collaborations will make us far more smart and effective together than we are separately.

But this is important: Only attend if community resilience and sustainability are important issues for you. You may have more questions than answers - or more answers than questions - but it is your passion that counts here. This conference will ONLY succeed because of your energy and the energy of everyone else who comes. The participants will make this the thrilling event it is going to be.

More information can be found at: 


SO please come if you find yourself thinking about things like...

• building local food systems... • launching community currencies or credit clearing systems... • nurturing the expansion of gift economies... • developing peer-to-peer sharing and barter systems... • strengthening your community's "buy local" dynamics... • promoting sustainable, sensible transportation systems... • advancing local energy systems, local manufacturing, local entertainment, local celebrations... • nurturing stronger relations among neighbors... • reaching beyond the choir through media, community leaders, demonstrations, the arts, occupations... • developing indicators of community well-being... • bringing more heart, spirit, feeling, movement and vitality to sustainability activities... • catalyzing conversations about how to get our needs met and live richer, more enjoyable lives without money... • any other activity, idea or question that could strengthen the sovereignty, sustainability and vitality of our cities and towns...

University of Washington Cascadia Now! Chapter Formed

A University of Washington (UW) Cascadia Now! Chapter has been formed and meets each week on Tuesday at 3:30pm in the Upstairs of Allegro Cafe in the University District of Seattle, WA. More information can be found on our events page as well as directions for those who need it as well as at their website: .

Students from other schools, colleges and universities are more than welcome, as are anyone who can't make the regular Seattle meetings on Saturdays. The main focus thus far seems to be on networking and coalition building with other student groups, hosting events, creating lots of buttons, stickers and flyerings and helping raise awareness about the idea of Cascadia.

Olympia Cascadia Now! Chapter has their first meeting


Several of our members went down to Olympia on March 9th to talk with folks interested in getting a chapter started, culminating in their first public meeting at the Sem II Cafe on Evergreen Campus the following week on the 16th. Evergreen student Ian Carre-Burrit who is currently making a Cascadia documentary was able to get several interviews, and participants were able to talk about what they were interested in, as well as how to coordinate with other groups. Organizers set the date for the next meeting for the first Friday after Spring Break on April 6th at 6pm at Pizza Pipeline. More information and directions can be found at their website or on our Calendar page.