Unifying Cascadia: Bioregional Meetup in Eugene this Saturday, March 31st

What could make a real difference for resilience and sustainability in the Eugene area and the Cascadia bioregion? Bring your ideas, questions and projects about local resilience and sustainability to our Open Space Conference March 31 at the City of Eugene Campbell Community Center 155 High St., Eugene, OR 97401 from 9am to 5pm.

This will NOT be your ordinary conference. Open Space events like this are participatory and self-organizing: YOU will make it the exciting gathering it will be. There will be no official speakers and no predetermined workshops or panels. Anyone who wants to create a session for any topic related to the question above will announce it in the first 30-45 minutes. Then we'll just get on with it. We'll be all together at the start and the finish - but in the middle we'll each be doing exactly what we really want to be doing. And it will probably add up to something amazing.

Come to learn, share, explore, collaborate or organize around whatever has heart and meaning for you. We can make breakthroughs together because our diverse passions, group knowledge, meaningful conversations and new collaborations will make us far more smart and effective together than we are separately.

But this is important: Only attend if community resilience and sustainability are important issues for you. You may have more questions than answers - or more answers than questions - but it is your passion that counts here. This conference will ONLY succeed because of your energy and the energy of everyone else who comes. The participants will make this the thrilling event it is going to be.

More information can be found at: 

See www.unifyingcascadia.net


SO please come if you find yourself thinking about things like...

• building local food systems... • launching community currencies or credit clearing systems... • nurturing the expansion of gift economies... • developing peer-to-peer sharing and barter systems... • strengthening your community's "buy local" dynamics... • promoting sustainable, sensible transportation systems... • advancing local energy systems, local manufacturing, local entertainment, local celebrations... • nurturing stronger relations among neighbors... • reaching beyond the choir through media, community leaders, demonstrations, the arts, occupations... • developing indicators of community well-being... • bringing more heart, spirit, feeling, movement and vitality to sustainability activities... • catalyzing conversations about how to get our needs met and live richer, more enjoyable lives without money... • any other activity, idea or question that could strengthen the sovereignty, sustainability and vitality of our cities and towns...