Raise your flag, wear your patch, and join hundreds of other Cascadians for neighborhood events throughout the region as we build Cascadia as a positive force for change.

Block parties, potlucks, movie nights, neighborhood cleanups, barbecues, tree plantings, wine tastings, wheatpasting, pub nights. Join or host an event that you feel would represent Cascadia, and hook in with hundreds of others via twitter and livestream and help us make Cascadia Day an annual reality. Even if you can't join an event, try and think of something distinctly Cascadia you or your friends can do. 

Twitter handles #May18 and #CascadiaDay

Upcoming #May18 Events


Chelsea Scott
Peace Arch!


Adam Munson
Peace Arch!


2pm @ Crow's Feet Commons
Cathasaigh Ó Corcráin

Facebook Event Here


Potluck and late night bonfire! Email for more details
Justin Parkinson


Barrett Lizza
Peace Arch!


Emmalyn Garrett


12pm Cascadia Day Picnic
Chris Bowling
1010 Horn Lane
Facebook Event


Unfortunately, the person who was coordinating Spokane's May 18th event is too busy, so we're now looking for a new coordinator. Just need to set a place/time so we can send it out!

Featured Event! Banners at the Peace Arch

Join Vancouver, Bellingham and Seattle groups! No passports necessary

Our theme this year will be the thin green line: "You may be leaving Canada/America but you're still in Cascadia". 

Each participating group will be making a banner, and everyone is welcome to create their own visual element to add. We'll be having a barbecue starting at 2pm.

We chose this area and day for many reasons. Peace Arch Park remains the only place along the longest land border (8,891 kilometres or 5,525 mi) in the world in which citizens from both the US/Canadian side can join together without needing ID's or Passports. Joined together under the arch which reads "Children of a common mother" on the US side, and "Brethren dwelling together in unity" on the Canadian, the border also cuts directly through the ancestral lands of the Samiahmoo people, who still remain present in both countries, and the bay itself, each still necessarily interconnected, regardless of the international territories dividing it. 

Despite many cultural, environmental and regional inter-dependencies and similarities, the international border between Canada and the United States is one of the largest physical and mental divides between us.

Facebook Event page here: https://www.facebook.com/events/626565600766131/ 

Why May 18th? 

May 18th is the anniversary of the Mt. St. Helens eruption, chosen by former Seattle University professor David McCloskey as a day to represent Cascadia because of it's visceral reminder of the dynamism of our region. We live under massive forces that shape our world, in a region defined through it's geography, geology and topography - and we are all a part of these processes.

This is Cascadia, and we are Cascadian.

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