After taking a one year hiatus to re-envision what a regional gathering can be, we are excited to announce that we are shifting from Rainingman to a 2017 'Cascadia Convergence'. This year will be focused on bringing people together, organizing and planning, and building community.

Our Cascadia Convergence is a space for everyone interested in the idea of Cascadia to meet face to face, and have a great time camping. Each year, this awesome, fun filled, family-friendly weekend features art, music, presentations and workshops. We bring together a variety of different interests and groups so that a range of Cascadian perspectives are represented.

To make this event open to everyone, it is entirely run by your donations. If you can, and want to see this event continue into the future, please make a contribution as part of your registration form. You make it happen! Activists, authors, causes, educators, groups, individuals, organizations, performers, presenters, and everyone who wants to be a part of building a stronger Cascadia community, register now, or contact us to be involved.

If you would like to help organize a camp, join an onsite work party, or want to help shape and create this event, please directly email

Additional Resources:

Want to Carpool? Join the Cascadia Convergence Rideshare Facebook Group

Want to be involved? Join the Cascadia Convergence Volunteer & Organizers Facebook Group





How to be Involved

  • Join our organizing calls and meetups, to make sure your vision is included.
  • Join an on-site work party.
  • Share your art, visual or performance.
  • Share you knowledge and/or skills in a workshop.
  • Make a camp with your friends.

Items we need

  • Community Kitchen camp stoves, and grills.
  • Family Camp games.
  • Decorations for camps and community gathering spaces.
  • Art supplies.
  • Lighting for pathways and camps.
  • Shade and rain structures.