Cascadia is a bioregion, a social movement and
a vision for the Pacific Northwest.

Welcome to Cascadia!

If we dropped a glass dome over the Pacific Northwest, how big would that dome need to be for our region to be truly independent and sustainable? 

The answer is Cascadia, a unique coastal bioregion that defines the Pacific Northwest of the United States and Canada, incorporating southern Alaska, British Columbia, Washington, parts of Idaho, Montana and Oregon as well as small parcels of northern California, Nevada and Utah. This area is in many ways geographically, culturally, economically and environmentally distinct from surrounding regions.

CascadiaNow! is a grassroots, non-profit social movement dedicated to empowering individuals and communities in the Pacific Northwest. We are a fiscal sponsorship organization that provides support and services to groups, projects, and community partners to raise awareness of Cascadia, celebrate our distinct regional identity and create a positive impact in the Pacific Northwest.

2016 Memberships are here!

If you missed our founding membership last year, we are excited to announce all sorts of goodies and perks for helping grow this amazing idea and movement!

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