CascadiaStrong Quick Reference Guide

Mailing Address: CascadiaNow!, PO Box 30181, Seattle, WA 98113


Primary Contact: Fiscal Sponsorship Manager Bethany Clochard,, 206-249-9985

Tax ID# 47-1954164                             WA UBI # 603-434-191


501(c)(3) Determination Letter 

Completed form W9

Reporting Template

Revenues you receive: All charitable donations, ticket or merchandise sales, or any other revenues received must be made out to “CascadiaNow!” and deposited to the CN! bank account. Contact the Associate Director to link your revenues to our Stripe or PayPal account, or to request bank deposit slips.

Money you spend: All expenses must be included in the original project budget or approved by the CN! board of directors. There are two ways to spend money from your project fund:

  1. Submit an expense request at least three (3) business days in advance. We appreciate as much advance notice as you can give.

  2. Pay an expense out of pocket and submit your receipt using the expense request form. You will be reimbursed for the expense within three (3) business days.

Responsibilities of Project Leaders: Project Leaders are expected and empowered to coordinate all aspects of their project, including organizing all project activities and raising funds independently to support the project. They are also responsible for:

  • Completing biannual project reports (CN! staff will will contact you to let you know when your reporting deadline is approaching and provide a reporting template)

  • Disclosing the relationship between CN! and the project on all published print and digital materials. This public disclosure is required by the IRS and it can be as simple as including wording such as: "a project of CascadiaNow!."

Entering into contracts: As stipulated in our Memo of Understanding, a project may only enter into a legally binding contract with the signature of the CN! Executive Director, CN! Board President, or CN! Board Secretary.

Financial Statements: CN! staff will send you a detailed financial statement at the end of every quarter. Project Leaders may request a financial statement at any time with ten (10) business days' notice, or request an updated project fund balance with three (3) business days' notice:

Publicity: Please advise CN! ASAP of any upcoming project events or milestones. The more notice we receive, the more visibility we can lend to your awesome project achievements: