Project Grant Resources

Have you filled out our Fiscally Sponsored Project Development Worksheet? Submitting this to us ( helps us serve you better plus these answers will help you in your grant seeking process!


Grant Editing


CN! staff is available to review your completed grant applications before you submit them. Please give us at least five (5) business days notice! We need:

  • The complete grant description

  • Your completed grant application

  • Any applicable attachments


Grant Strategy

In ten sentences or less, describe what your project does and what it hopes to accomplish. What is your passion? How does that passion match/fit into a grant structure? Tell us what types of grants you think your project should apply for:

Build your grant research foundation with GrantStation - please email for login info

  • Which categories? In the "Find Grantmakers" tab, read both sections under "Preparation:" "Overview" & "Search Terms." This approximately 1.5 hours of reading and prep work will lay a great grant seeking foundation that will save you time and grief in the long run. By identifying areas of specific activity you can quickly focus on grants that fit your project best!


  • Send us your prep work! We can help narrow down your research categories:


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Grant Decision Matrix

Save time! Prioritize which grants to apply for by "Developing a Decision Matrix."


Build your grant decision matrix using GrantStation - please email for login info

  • Which grants should your project apply for? Go through the "Build Strategy" section beginning with the "Overview." This preparation work will, again, take time now that will save you time later!

  • Please keep in mind that "Developing a Decision Matrix" is not prescriptive but if you have any issues tweaking this to fit your project, we can help! Send us what you design and we can assist in deciding what you might want to do differently:

  • Part of your decision process must be checking to see whether your funder accepts applications from fiscally sponsored projects. You can alternatively apply as "a program of CascadiaNow!." Make sure that its clear that CN! has legal and fiduciary responsibility for your project, and different grantmakers will ask you to represent that in different ways.


Grant Research

Please email for GrantStation and login info

Check your local library! Here's links to some of the grant databases Cascadia's awesome library systems offer:

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Grant Writing

Get ready to apply for your grant- get into a grant writing mindset! The number one truth about grants is that granters aren't giving you money. They are asking you to help them accomplish THEIR mission through your work. Grant proposals should have specific outcomes and outputs- what do you expect to accomplish with THEIR money? Here’s what those are, here’s how to prove it!

Below are two pages from Susan Howlett's book "Getting Funded" (5th edition, used with permission) covering information which can dramatically increase both your grant writing efficiency and your grant submission effectiveness. Download a PDF version of figure 8.3 here and figure 10.2 here

"Getting Funded," 5th edition, figure 8.3, copyright and posting permission by author Susan Howlett.

"Getting Funded," 5th edition, figure 8.3, copyright and posting permission by author Susan Howlett.

"Getting Funded," 5th edition, figure 10.2, copyright and posting permission by author Susan Howlett.

"Getting Funded," 5th edition, figure 10.2, copyright and posting permission by author Susan Howlett.

The book from which CN! scanned these (with permission), is an excellent regular grant reference, and a few CN! staff took a class from the author, Susan Howlett.  She's passionate, pragmatic, anda rock star in the Development world. If you like this, you likely can get a copy of "Getting Funded" at any local library, or purchase one directly from the author's website by clicking on the figure (CN! has no connection with Susan Howlett's retail business.)

We recommend checking out the Puget Sound Grant Writers Association "Grant Writer Resources" section for more tips on grant writing. Remember that while we here at CN! do not have the capacity to write your grant for you, we are happy to answer questions throughout your grant writing process:


Finished? Before your click "send," remember that we are here to assist you by reviewing your grant application, with enough notice: