Learning About Climate Change in Cascadia: Videos to View and Share!

Our awesome CascadiaNow! nonprofit family member Cascadia Climate Action (CCA) has a Climate Science on Tap YouTube channel featuring videos of climate scientists Climate Science on Tap event presentations. If you have attended a Climate Sceince on Tap event, you can revisit the climate scientists presentations or share the science with your friends. If you have or are unable to attend a Climate Science on tap event, we highly recommend checking out CCA’s videos so you can learn more about climate change in Cascadia!

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Three scientists weigh in with fascinating presentations on the climate change impacts to salmon, whales, and the broader food web, as well as what we might expect in the future. The panelists include Christopher Krembs, Marine Biologist, with the WA Dept of Ecology; Iris Kemp, Ecologist for Long Live the Kings; and Lynne Barre, National Oceanographic, and Atmospheric Association.
The relationship between agriculture and climate change is complicated. Historically food production has been a major contributor to greenhouse gas emissions, and yet climate change has and will continue to profoundly impact our ability to produce food. At the same time, new approaches offer hope that agriculture can contribute to climate change solutions.
Climate Science on Tap: Meeting Global Energy Needs without Cooking the Planet - The Devil is in the Details! There are no perfect solutions when it comes to addressing the root cause of climate change. Learn about the choices we face from energy experts at this month's Climate Science on Tap.
The focus of this Climate Science on Tap event, November 2, 2017, was on geoengineering with panelists that included a philosopher, political scientist and an atmospheric scientist at Naked City Brewery, Seattle, WA. Will the world act on climate change fast enough? If not, some advocate for geoengineering - the deliberate large-scale manipulation of the planetary environment.
This Climate Science on Tap episode was recorded on December 12th, 2017 in Ballard, north Seattle at the Lagunitas TapRoom presented by Cascadia Climate Action, an affilitate project of CascadiaNow! Will the World Act on Climate Change Fast Enough? Two years ago nations came together for an inspiring, although long overdue global agreement for climate action.

Climate Science on Tap events and the Climate Science in Tap videos are all available to the public for FREE thanks to generous donations. Do you want to help educate about climate change in Cascadia? Make a donation to CCA today!