New swag and lots of restocking done!

A tremendous amount of re-ordering and re-stocking is underway! We've had a tremendous demand recently, and that's awesome! In response, we've been hard at work getting everything restocked, and hopefully expanded so we stop running out of everything so fast. 

Some updates!

  • Shirts of all sizes are back in
  • For the first time, we are now carrying green, brown, grey and black T-shirts of both the tri-doug and doug flag
  • Cascadia Belt Buckles are back in
  • We are still waiting on our new order of Nylon flags. Flags were supposed to be in by the end of September, but obviously that time frame has come and gone. Updates will be posted as we get them
  • Our first order of awesome Cascadia beanies are on the way! They're awesome - USA/Cascadia made
  • Our first order of awesome Cascadia trucker hats are on the way! They're awesome - USA/Cascadia made
  • Our first order of 12x18 Cascadia nylon flags (USA/Cascadia made) has arrived - but the green on the tree is really dull and doesn't stand out so we're trying to figure out if we will sell them at a discount or see if we can return them.

Rob Noble

Kelley Kavanaugh was born and raised in sunny Denver, CO but has been living in Seattle, WA since 2013. She has been expertly handling administrative coordination, staff management, media creation (website design, graphic design, print media, digital proofs, editing, copywriting) and shipping logistics for 10 years. She controls all aspects of the CascadiaNow! store including customer relations, vendor management, expert shipping, inventory control, and merchandise Q&A.