Policies and Governance

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  • Kindness Policy
  • Diversity Inclusion Policy
  • Political Endorsement Policy
  • Partnership Policy
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CascadiaNow! Transparency Policy

CascadiaNow! (CN!) holds all employees, volunteers, and other affiliates to a high standard of business and personal ethics, and values a work environment where all individuals remain accountable for their actions. CN! is dedicated to providing a system where all employees, volunteers, board members, CN! members, and other CN! affiliates are protected in the case that they may wish to file a complaint concerning CN!.

CN! takes such complaints very seriously, and encourages the use of the following system in the case of activities such as those that are outlined below. CN!, as well as local and federal laws (in the case of illegal or fraudulent activity) stand to protect those who come forward from any form of retaliation, as long as the individual comes forward in good faith, with credible information.

Only activities taken place during CN! operations and functions where individuals are working or volunteering in an approved CN! capacity are subject to review under this policy.


The following are some examples of activities that CN! employees and affiliates have an obligation to report:

  • Illegal or fraudulent activity
  • Violation of CN! organizational policies, including, but not limited to: Kindness Policy, Partnership Policy, and Political Endorsement Policy
  • Questionable or improper behavior which may not be explicitly prohibited in CN!’s organizational policies, employee or volunteer handbook, or other sources of organizational rules


Any individual who files a complaint in good faith, with reasonable cause to believe the information presented is credible, will not be subjected to any form of retaliation, including adverse employment consequences. If the complaint involves illegal or fraudulent activity, federal and/or state laws may also apply and offer additional legal protection.

If a complaint is made with malicious intent, or knowledge that the allegations made are false, the case will be reviewed, and disciplinary action up to and including dismissal from the volunteer position or termination of employment may result.

During the investigation of a complaint, the identity of the individual who submitted the complaint shall be kept confidential to the extent possible needed to conduct an adequate investigation.


  • Any reportable actions (listed above) should be documented and emailed to new CN! email address for complaints
  • If the individual coming forward wishes to remain anonymous, they should submit the complaint through a new email address unrelated to previous work or personal email addresses

(could also set up an online form that allows for anonymous submission)

  • Individuals coming forward will receive confirmation that the complaint has been received within 10 business days of submission
  • Complaints will be reviewed by the Executive Director and one (1) board member. If the complaint concerns the Executive Director, complaints should be submitted to the Associate Director
  • Reports will be investigated, and appropriate corrective actions, if necessary, will be recommended to the board
  • Submitters will receive a written conclusion/follow-up after the investigation is finished and possible disciplinary action has been taken