2016 Memberships are here!

After our first full year of operating as an official non-profit, we're excited to announce that we've confirmed our 2016 membership structure! So if you missed it the first time around, we've got lots of exciting things included, and new, awesome ways to be engaged and involved.

** | Returning Members, Click here | **

  • 3x5" and 2x3" Cascadia Flag Stickers
  • 10% Store Discount
  • Hard Copy Membership Card
  • Member Patch
  • 3x5' Nylon Cascadia Flag
  • All Member Gifts
  • 10% Store Discount
  • Member T-Shirt or 3x5' Nylon Flag ($120) OR 
  • Member Hoodie or Member        T-Shirt and Flag ($180)
  • All Member Gifts
  • 10% Store Discount
  • 3x5' Nylon Cascadia Flag
  • Member Shirt
  • Member Hoodie

Don't care about the swag? You will have the option for 100% of your gift go to CascadiaNow!, projects and chapters.

Why this membership?

YOU make this movement happen. Your efforts keep our organization independent and supporter driven, and right now, 100% of our funding comes from passionate supporters like yourself, through our non-profit store, small gifts and memberships. 

CascadiaNow! is a diverse group of passionate people interested in protecting the things we find special, and helping build healthier communities here in the Pacific Northwest. Two years ago at this time, CascadiaNow had less than 1600 likes on Facebook. Interest and support for the idea and movement has exploded, and we want to be able to build an organization able to protect the amazing things we love about this region, and live up to those ideals and dreams. Each of us has that power, and this is where we start. Support from this campaign goes directly to helping projects, events and groups across the Pacific Northwest. As a fiscal sponsorship organization, we enable the movement of money from funders to Cascadia projects, ideas, organizations, and activities.

Where does the money go? 

  • To CN! Chapters and Chapter Activities.
  • To keep CN! independent and supporter-driven.
  • To provide and create bioregional resources, services and opportunities.
  • To sponsor/co-sponsor events that engage community members by sharing their passions and skills.
  • Support projects, events and groups working to foster a strong and healthy bioregion.

Benefits of Membership 

  • CN! Membership card & swag
  • Preserve and protect a beautiful and amazing place
  • Discount on CascadiaNow! merchandise
  • Growing benefits and discounts as we build regional business partnerships