Chapters and Student Groups:

CascadiaNow! Chapters and Student Groups are an autonomous, but direct extension of our organization run by supporters throughout the Pacific Northwest. Anyone is welcome to start or join a group. Chapters receive fiscal sponsorship, basic assistance with their group formation and networking, and full access to our services for event, project and business planning. 

Schools, Instructors and Students

We partner with schools, community groups, instructors, and students to raise awareness and educate about Cascadia and the Cascadia bioregion. We work closely to provide literature and resources, assistance in developing curriculum and course content, presentations and lectures, and give opportunities for students to both learn about and be involved in our movement.  

Individuals, Organizations and Businesses

We also work with a broad range of individuals, organizations and businesses to provide fiscal sponsorship, key backroom services such as finances, accounting, graphic design, marketing, grantwriting, donor management and fundraising development, online tools and resources, and a platform to outreach about specific projects working around:

  • dynamic and transparent governance, local economy, and self-sufficiency;
  • community resiliency and bioregional sustainability;
  • regional and local identity;
  • and the distinct social, geographic, and cultural aspects that make the Pacific Northwest unique.

Events and Projects

CascadiaNow! also gives assistance to individuals, groups of individuals (coming together to plan or organize), and organizations to provide fiscal sponsorship or Cascadia partnership benefits for one time, annual and ongoing events or projects directly related to Cascadia. 

Both Fiscal Sponsorship and Event / Project Partnerships are available.

Officially recognized chapters and groups receive these benefits on an event and project basis with no application fees.