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Cascadia Speaks: The Living Bus Project

Take a virtual tour of The Living Bus Project and ask the builder questions about green and sustainable building and community living in a live Q&A.

Building with intention, purpose and long-term sustainability, The Living Bus Project is more than just a tiny house, it is "a platform with the ability to provide for our family's own needs, as well as 'give back' to our community in multiple forms. Each of the primary systems (ie, power, water, etc.) are being designed with a net-positive approach. This creates a surplus beyond our own needs and allows us to extend essential utilities to others. This allows for the overall vehicle platform to serve as the base infrastructure for each of the community-related activities we hope to pursue with our project during the upcoming stages of our life." [source: Our Cascadia/The Living Bus Project] You'll see all this and more at Cascadia Speaks! Join us by registering for free here NOW:

The Living Bus Project is sponsored by CascadiaNow! Donate to this amazing project by selecting "The Living Bus Project" in the "Please designate my gift to a project" drop down here.

The Living Bus Project Interior Under Construction

The Living Bus Project Interior Under Construction