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Cascadia Speaks: Building A Comprehensive Natural Medicine Cabinet

In this presentation, Raven's Roots Naturalist School will cover how to build a comprehensive medicinal cabinet using using herbs that grow here in the Pacific Northwest. The types of medicines and topics which we'll cover are:

1. Tinctures, salves, lotions, liniments, poultices, balms, eye washes, syrups, lozenges etc.

2. Teas, infusions, decoctions and drying herbs properly.

3. Harvest schedules and where to find the herbs out in the field.

4. How to grow these herbs at home in a permaculture system.

5. Safety. While herbal medicines are extremely powerful, they can be dangerous if taken in high dosages or in conjunction with other medications.

6. Resources which will help you continue your journey in this area.

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