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Cascadia Day


Cascadia Day is a day chosen to join together to help celebrate and raise awareness of Cascadia, meet our neighbors, and discuss and plan how we are going to positively create change here in the Pacific Northwest. Block parties, potlucks, movie nights, neighborhood cleanups, barbecues, tree plantings, wine tastings, wheat-pasting, pub nights, etc. can all be a part of a Cascadia Day celebration. Join or host an event that you feel would represent Cascadia, and plug in with hundreds of others online to help us make Cascadia Day an annual reality. Raise your Doug flag, wear your Cascadia patch, and join hundreds of other Cascadians for neighborhood events throughout the bioregion to build Cascadia as a positive force for change.

If you can't join an event, think of something distinctly Cascadia you or your friends can do.

Hashtags #May18 and #CascadiaDay

Why May 18th? 

May 18th is the anniversary of the Mt. St. Helens eruption and was chosen by former Seattle University professor David McCloskey as a day to represent Cascadia because of it's visceral reminder of the dynamism of our region. We live under massive forces that shape our world, in a region defined through it's geography, geology and topography - and we are all a part of these processes.

This is Cascadia, and we are Cascadian.

Want to host a Cascadia Day event?

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