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Bridging Cascadia: Community Has No Borders

  • Central Vancouver (map)
We grow roots in your trees,
We breathe air by your shores,
We know listening is seeing,
We awake now, we hear the call of this land...

As we swim in your waters, as we dance in your forests,
As we journey the highway of the pacific coast…
The borders are blurry, the connections are deeper,
These friendships- reflections, what we treasure most.

Bridging Cascadia invites you to immerse yourself in an evening of friendship, music, dance, and magic in central Vancouver. The collective has come together to unite artists from British Columbia, Washington, Oregon, and Northern California to gather together in celebration of the connected intentional, creative communities of the bioregion of Cascadia. Come gather together in the truth that community has no borders. There are no borders!

Musical Performances by: Yaima and Subaqueous, with Cheraki, JAiAquarian, Koda Love

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Event Page Original Art, "Agostina Sky" by Simon Haiduk
Promotional Design by Leni Koen

Theatrical Performance by: The DownTemple
Art Gallery showing with the works of: Simon Haiduk, Ari Lazer, MetaStazi


More artists to be announced! Set times and culinary offerings to be released shortly.


Pre purchased tickets are $25 Candian.
Tickets purchased at the door are $30 Candian. 
Online ticket sales end mid-night May 13th.
Email Transfer to -
Pass word - cascadialand
Please note, there will be LIMITED door sales! We look forward to this exciting and so appreciate knowing you will be joining us by purchasing a ticket in advance.

You will receive an email confirmation disclosing venue location and logistics within 24 hours of purchase.


YAIMA is an old word meaning "that which water runs through",
-a conduit for diverse musical languages. Their sound is rooted in the the rich depth of tradition through biological beats, folkloric storytelling and mystical melodies. They reach towards our compelling, technological future by weaving live instrumentation and vocals over lush electronic layers, seamless soundscapes, and body-blooming bass. 

Yaima is a confluence of musicians: Pepper Proud, Masaru Higasa, and Jeff Kimes from the Seattle/Cascadia Region. 


The fluid movements in a sea of fusion is the heart of Subaqueous music. By blending future past and eclectic rhythms Subaqueous moves the listeners through a sonic epic. The Debut album, Waterscapes, is a playful splash that stayed on the top Midtempo charts. It was #1 for 3 months straight. Subaqueous Second album which released in 2012, Immerge, which moved audiences into the divine. It quickly gained traction and made his work international. Subaqueous’ love of music extends beyond just music, his commitment is to music that raises consciousness; for this reason in the Fall 2012 he worked with the nonprofit Critical Beats to fundraise money to save the Amazon. Together they created the EP, “Threshold of Night.”

In the summer of 2013 subaqueous last album was a culmination of all his connections and years of dedication. The Album, ReVision, featured remixes by fellow musicians with the same deep love of ecstatic dance and lush music. It featured artist such as Govinda, eO, Erothyme, futexture, and others.


Live performance with Mr. Moo­qx_wHg
Live at Nectar featuring Jamila of The DownTemple


The solo project of California bred vocalist Heather Christie, is among the independent artists forging a niche between neo-soul and electronic music. Deemed a 'vocal tour de force', Cheraki delivers her soulful message with power and a presence that stands rooted in the strength of her femininity. She blends sensuous melodies with vulnerable lyrics atop polished production to create a sound that listeners describe as a deeply inspirational experience. 



Remember that time...
you found yourself in an enchanted forest, engaging with the serenade of mythical guardians while dancing and storytelling, hypnotic with ritual incense and fire, when the veil was parted just far enough for you to kiss the magnificence of your own soul? ..that was us.

JAiAquarian is an ecstatic poet, songwriter, vocalist and VoiceBodyLove creator and facilitator based in Vancouver, BC. A life long lyricist and messenger he weaves the threads of words, rhythms and melodies into tapestries intended to create a harmonious present and future. With a background spanning folk, hip-hop to roc, as a vocalist Jaia has collaborated with electronic producers and DJs such as Adham Shaikh, AppleCat,Beatfarmer, Beatrix the White, Emog, Pacha Papa and many others at West Coast festivals such as as Burning Man, Intention, Inshala and Envision in Costa Rica. He is currenntly working on his first full length album Shake yr Sunshine, due out in August 2016.



Koda Love is passionate about bringing juicy and delicious beats to the dance floors of BC and beyond. He has a diverse and eclectic flavour that transcends the boundaries of any specific genre or style. The music he selects comes from places as far as the mountains of the South American Andes, the beaches of Goa India, the tribal flatlands of Australia, and as close as the forests of the Pacific Northwest.

He is a local resident of Vancouver and has played at various private shows, ecstatic dance jams, festival stages and the Nectar Gatherings. He is also a DJ for Just Dance, a Vancouver based dance event that has been going on for over 22 years and counting.

Koda is also a singer, songwriter, guitarist and most recently has been diving into electronic music production. His love for music can be felt deeply in every set and song that he brings to his audience.



Gallery display of Art work by

SImon Hadiuk
Growing up in British Columbia, Canada, Simon developed a strong affinity to nature with artistic foundations in visual art and music. In 2004 he gravitated towards painting as a full time endeavour bringing his musical background into the visual realm. Simon has explored many visual mediums, including animation, often with a strong influence in spiritual themes connected to nature.

Ari Lazer
An interdisciplinary artist, healer and educator, based in Vancouver, BC, Ari Lazer’s work explores the interaction of geometry, harmony and sacred practice. Whether working in ink, wood or stone, his inspirations are the harmonic forms of the natural world. He is the founder of the Traveling Alchemists’ Outreach Society ( offering courses on Sacred Geometry, mindfulness and meditation. As a visual artist, Ari creates woodcut sculptures, lanterns, and 2 dimensional mandalas to inspire the viewer’s resonance with the harmonies of nature – find more of his work at Through his artwork and classes, Ari offers practical skills for fusing art and magic in our emergent world. He has created work in conjunction with the Vancouver Art Gallery, Beloved Open Air Music Festival, The Chicago Cultural Centre, Shambhala Music Festival, and a whole host of other events and festivals on North America's West Coast.

Stazi Qualia
MetaStazi aka Stazi Qualia is multidisciplinary, mixed media artist, that experiments with raw styles of painting as well as very well structured & thought of compositions. Stazi finds inspiration in contemporary visionary art as well as native art & masters of classic european painting traditions.
Main mediums: watercolour, acrylics, pencils & sharpies, photography & vast spaces of digital art.

Later Event: May 18
Cascadia Day