Seattle Guerrilla Art School #2: Mobilization & Resistance

Building on the wonderful energy from our first ever J19 Guerrilla Art School, our second art mobilization will happen April 13th, two days before our next large national protests, marches and in solidarity with Black Lives Matters!

On Thursday April 13th, join us for a night of resistance as we turn this nightmare into a dream. We will have workshops, presentations, tons of space for silkscreening, stencil making, and a more coordinated evening portion for all who would like to be involved.

April 15th has been slated to be the next major national day of marches and protest, this time focusing around racial and economic justice, and demanding that Trump release his tax returns. This day was chosen because it is tax day, followed by Emancipation day that Sunday - a powerful time to stand up and say NO to fear, mysognyny and hatred.

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