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CascadiaNow! Seattle Cascadia Day Celebration

2016 Seattle Cascadia Day Celebration

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This year CascadiaNow! Seattle is excited to announce that we have teamed up with Manifest Seattle to co-host an awesome, one day Cascadia themed and full moon party happening all night, Saturday May 21st in an old industrial factory space down in the Georgetown neighborhood of Seattle, WA.

CascadiaNow! Seattle will be handling the 5-10pm stint, which is all-ages and family friendly! We then turning it over to Manifest for a party that will go all night. Live music and performance, interactive art, barbecuing and lots of awesome table and craft vendors. We'll also have the Cascadia Bus and our giant Sasquatch down for the party. 

We would also like to create space for costume making and getting prepped for our Fremont Solstice Parade float and the upcoming CascadiaNW festival in July.

This year will feature:

  • Music / Performance || Everything from freaks / music / burlesque / spoken word etc. We'll have both an indoor / outdoor space
  • Interactive Art || For this year, we'll be hooking in with local artists, and getting prepped for the Fremont Solstice parade, as well as hopefully teaming up with Ecotopia and Mythica villages from the CascadiaNW festival for lots of fun and art making!
  • Beer tasting, on the hour || From 5-9pm we'll be partnering up for an hourly beer sampling from a variety of kickass Cascadian breweries.
  • Community Potluck / Barbecue || We'll have grills going and lots of food handy, as well as lots of room for those who want to bring some extra veggies, meat, or a dish, potluck style!
  • Tables / Vendors / Local Craft Fair || We'll see how this idea pans out, but it is our hope to also have a non-profit fair / craft fair / really free market happening during the festival hours.
  • Food Drive - let's make this a positive event! || In partnership with Manifest and local food banks, we'll be hosting a food drive to collect donations either in direct partnerships with one of the cities many tent cities, or in collaboration with a food bank. While this event is only suggested donation before 9pm, anyone showing up later can get a ticket discount for bringing food.

Join Us!

Artists, performers, musicians, tablers - Contact We're still filling our schedule, which we'll be posting here. Want to volunteer? Let us know!

Suggested Donation

This is a community event! No one will be turned away for our earlier portion of the evening, though a suggested donation of $20 to support the musicians and artists would be awesome. Can't afford the suggested donation? No worries! Do think about maybe tossing some change if you grab a little tasty food, or make an awesome mask, as everything so far is just coming out of pocket of a few different folks.

For late night attendees, tickets will be $20, and after 11pm that goes up to $25, though you can knock $5 off the price by bringing some food to donate!

Manifest Seattle

inspires our community through dance, music, art, performances and magic, and have operated during the peak of the underground rave scene and hosted many top billing acts alongside some of Seattle's favorite DJ's at underground venues. These 'one off' events had a huge emphasis on performances and immersive multi-media arts.

About CascadiaNow!

is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to building a positive and inclusive social movement and community to celebrate and protect this amazing place, and empower every person to be active about what they care about.