True Blessings

True Blessings vision is to establish community outreach programs and partner with private and non-private sectors in Pierce and South King County, Washington, Cascadia.  By targeting the high at-risk homeless youth and/or low income families who face generational poverty in surrounding communities, True Blessings plans to provide homeless prevention service and skills to move youth, immigrants and/or families towards self-sufficiency.  True Blessings services include, but are not limited to; resource to short term rental assistance, housing relocation services, moving cost assistance, credit counseling, counseling services, emergency food, progressive one on one case management, low cost creative arts programs, support & advocacy services.  This organization estimates that many at risk youth, immigrants and/or low income families will need progressive case management support services to help them become aware of self-independent goals.  True Blessings envisions healthy, diverse communities in Pierce and South King County.

True Blessings unique location allows the ability to expand Resource, Support, Outreach and Advocacy Services in Pierce County, WA. Many organizations are located in Tacoma, Lakewood, Downtown Puyallup, or in locations inaccessible to many clients. Their services will reach those who reside or who are homeless in Roy, Yelm, Spanaway, South Hill, Graham, Puyallup and other Pierce County Communities. These residents sometimes live very far from their local agency or bus line, preventing them from being
able to utilize the organization to its full potential. The all around support service at True Blessings allows clients to receive support for the challenging times as well as the unchallenging moments. Many clients lack the ability to find support, and sometimes become discouraged in the process. True Blessings is available to community residents in the means of support and outreach services.

Contact us to let us know if you would like to volunteer directly with this project. All donations are tax deductible.

201 160th Street South, Suite 204, Spanaway, WA 98387


Since 2003, True Blessings one on one progressive case management has proven to be the key component to bridging the gap for families, immigrants and at-risk youth.  Clients receive progressive case management services and are screened for imminent risk of homelessness and/or needs.  The agency conducts a 24-hour follow-up that consist of screened services to address the client’s emergent or non-emergent concerns.  True Blessings provides a sense of trust and security with all clients, no matter of the client’s gender, color, ethnicity, or and sexual orientation.  Their ability to relate and demonstrate self-sufficiency plays a significant role in the success of many of our clients escaping generational poverty.

Client-centered services are top priority in this non-profit organization.  True Blessings prepares the experienced progressive case manager with trainings and extensive research guidelines to help keep them up to date with economic statues.  Managers provide high-quality care by respecting and understanding their client’s basic needs and concerns for the individual and/or family.  The case manager conducts timely follow ups, and tracks the client’s process for self-independent goals.  Many True Blessings clients have reported that they either plan to return to school, start school, or demonstrated increased parenting skills, self-awareness and financial knowledge.  The one-on-one case management support that clients receive from True Blessings, allows them to position themselves to gain and sustain a self-sufficient life.  The organizations mission is to “Bridge the Gap in Family Needs”, is why each client receives services according to their individual need.  

When working with clients on-on-one, True Blessings offers, among other advocacy:

  • Connecting clients with case managers, document reading assistants, advocacy consultants, youth support specialist, transportation services, financial planning advocates, employment assistance programs, and creative art foundations, according to their needs.

  • A No Child Left Unfed Fund for children with a negative meal account balance at their respective schools.

  • Conducting a Wrapped with Love Blanket Drive to collect new blankets and sleeping bags for those in need.

  • The Young Starz Dance Club, which provides low-cost youth dance classes promoting confidence and leadership, and building resources to provide scholarships.

True Blessings mission is “Bridging the Gap in Family Needs” by endorsing, influencing, and supporting families, immigrants and/or youth in decreasing generational poverty.

True Blessings Leadership Team

Marzella Harris, President of Regional Operation and Programs of True Blessings Non-Profit Organization: Marzella Harris is a 37 year old
African American female from Spanaway, WA, who has the passion and drive to decrease generational poverty in Pierce County areas . True Blessings non-profit organization was established by Marzella Harris in 2003. She is a woman who loves to inspire, restore, and guide youth and low income families on the right path to gain self-sufficient life skills. Her academic journey consists of a Master's of Science in Leadership (2016), a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Human and Community Advocacy (2014), an Associates of Applied Science in Human Service (2011), and four certificates; Family Support Specialist, Youth Development Specialist, Human Services Initial, and Pre-Employment Corrections. She acquires the ability to plan, schedule, and accomplish goals, while respecting member and family’s confidentiality. She has the ability to provide advocacy, support, resource, and outreach services for families and/or youth with the passion to bridge the gaps in family needs. Marzella helps set milestones, opportunities, and support youth and/or families by helping them identify cycles of generational poverty. Marzella is also involved with numerous Non-Profit Organization Boards and Programs located in the surrounding areas of Pierce County. The determination and passion to assist and give back to the community would be the starting and focal point of why True Blessings was founded and created.

Lenore Jones, Treasurer of True Blessings Non-Profit Organization: Lenore Jones is a 57 year old African American female from Tacoma, WA. Lenore Jones has a strong background in accounting, outreach, and mentor services. Lenore Jones currently spends her time working at a local school as a cashier for food service programs.

Latasha Ware, Secretary of True Blessing Non-Profit Organization: Latasha Ware is a 29 year old African American woman from Tacoma, WA who currently spends her time as an employment specialist, outreach consultant, support specialist, and advocate for Pierce County residents.

Tah-tiana Lux, Vice President of Regional Operations and Programs for True Blessing Non-Profit Organization: Tah-tiana Lux is a 20 year old African American woman who is currently attending her 2nd year in college at Shaw University. She has a strong background in social media, outreach and support services.