Before submitting the form to become a chapter leader, please read the list of commitments that we ask, and in return our commitment to you. We also provide links to other ways to be involved, and resources for starting a group at the bottom of the page.

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Becoming a CascadiaNow! Chapter/Project Leader


CascadiaNow! is excited to welcome new members! One of the best ways to get involved is to join a Chapter or to start a new project you feel passionately about. However, for many reasons you may also want to start your own Chapter. Before starting a Chapter, please consider whether, As a Chapter Leader can you…

  • Host Meetings? Chapters will need to meet regularly in a safe, welcoming, free environment. Can you provide a place for your Chapter to meet that will allow all Chapter members equal access? This can include homes, cafes, restaurants, community centers or anywhere you can think of.
  • Organize Public Events? Public events are a great way to boost involvement, raise awareness, and have fun with your chapter members. Some event ideas that Chapters have hosted in the past include: film screenings, workshops & skillshare events, poetry readings, book & writing public forums, etc. Do you have the time, space, and energy to commit to hosting some public events on behalf of your Chapter? 
  • Participate in a Monthly Communication with All Chapter Leaders? CascadiaNow! needs to have full communication with all Chapters to ensure that each Chapter is thriving, gaining new members, and getting involved actively. Can you commit to a monthly chat room, coffee house meet up, conference call, etc to insure your participation in the overall CascadiaNow! leadership circle?
  • Participate in a Monthly Phone Call with CascadiaNow! ? This is as much for your Chapter as it is for CascadiaNow! A one-on-one phone call allows you both time to discuss overall CascadiaNow! goals, future Chapter events and meetings,
  • Manage a Chapter Calendar? Your Chapter will need an online calendar to keep it’s members (and the larger leadership circle) informed about your upcoming meetings and events. Can you commit to yourself, or appointing another person, to keeping an up-to-date online calendar available for your Chapter and for CascadiaNow! to view? CascadiaNow! will actively promote your public events on their website and newsletter but to do so they need to see the calendar from your Chapter updated regularly.
  • Manage a Publicly Available Chapter Page (Facebook, Website, Reddit, Etc)? When CascadiaNow! receives an inquiry about a Chapter in your region/interest area/student body they need to be able to pass those potential new Chapter members on to you. In order to do that you must commit to keeping a regularly updated online web presence where you can be reached (IE: a Facebook Page, or Chapter Website, or email listserv). Again, it’s fine to appoint this to someone else, but it’s your ultimate responsibility that it gets done.


Our Commitment to You.


We know that this is can sometimes be an overwhelming process, but we want you to know you're not alone. We will be there to help walk you through these steps, and provide as many tools and resources to empower you and your group be successful and realize their vision.

As an organization, we commit to:

  • A personal one on one meeting or phonecall, to help you get started, and a pairing with a successful group leader to provide you with direct support when you need it
  • A group starter kit that includes helpful information to help get your chapter off the ground, resources for tabling, and easy ways to grow.
  • Connection into local and regional contacts from your area to help you get started.
  • Tabling info, literature and access to our collaborative archive of artwork and resources. 
  • Outreach for your group, through our newsletter, social media and websites.

If you believe you can commit to these tasks, being a CascadiaNow! Chapter Leader is for you! Please fill out the Chapter Leader Registration Form and check out some of the Chapter Tools CascadiaNow! has put together to help you get started.

If this seems like it is not for you, there are plenty of other ways to get involved! 

  • Connect with active groups in your area or join a project
  • Download posters and get them up in your neighborhood
  • Make your voice heard by connecting into our social media, and online forums
  • Join our newsletter
  • Donate to help support groups around the Pacific Northwest


The Mission Statement of CascadiaNow! Chapters:

As a chapter of CascadiaNow! we are dedicated to raising awareness of Cascadia and supporting all forms of Cascadia organizing, to empower every person in the Cascadia bioregion to have a greater say in issues they feel important. We provide tools and resources for projects, events, and individuals to self organize, and serve as a connecting hub for community groups to facilitate:

- increased direct democracy, community resiliency, bioregionalism, environmental sustainability, social justice and self sufficiency, within the context of the Cascadia bioregion,

- that highlight our growing regional identity,

- and celebrate the distinct social, geographic and cultural aspects that make the Pacific Northwest unique.

Resources for Starting a Chapter:

  • Startingachapter.doc
  • Your first meeting
  • Creating social media + a public face
  • Plugging into CascadiaNow! social media, blog and calendar
  • A list of awesome and easy events
  • Outreaching 101
  • Resources, Artwork and Toolkit
  • Our latest newsletters