On this page you will find all the resources and materials for forming a CascadiaNow! Chapter, as well as for outreach campaigns, tabling and becoming a Cascadian representative in your community. 

To submit artwork or upload resources, please use this dropbox and we will transfer it to this page.  This page is under construction. If you would like to help us with literature and resource creation, please email cascadianow@gmail.com 

General Resources: 

General information for getting involved with Cascadia Now! 

  • CascadiaNow! Organizers Handbook
  • PNW Cascadia Resource Guide


Pamphlets and Literature

Booklets, Handouts, Pamphlets and Zines relating to Cascadia  

Newsletters and Zines

A full list of Zines and Newsletters (PDF) from us and our Affiliate Groups. 

Cascadian Ambassadors:

No matter where you are, or your interest in Cascadia, we encourage everyone to help us spread the idea by becoming a Cascadian Ambassador. 

  • As a Cascadian Ambassador
  • Action Guide
  • Connecting in to our Regional Network
  • Literature

Student Chapters

Below you will find resources and materials geared for helping get student chapters started at universities and schools throughout Cascadia.  

  • Forming a Student Chapter
  • Benefits of a Student Group
  • Example Group Constitution
  • Bylaws and Structure
  • Connecting in to our CascadiaNow! Student and Regional Network
  • Events and Fundraising
  • Coalition Building
  • Literature

Regional Chapters:

Information for CascadiaNow! regional coordinators and chapters such as ideas, event planning and potential group structure. 

  • Becoming a Regional Coordinator
  • Forming a Regional Chapter
  • Connecting in to our CascadiaNow! Regional Network. 
  • Events and Fundraising
  • Coalition Building
  • Literature
  • Hand Outs

Street Art and Outreach:

Previous designs and ideas for CascadiaNow! Street Art and Outreach campaigns. 

Posters and Flyers

CascadiaNow! Posters and Flyers. Includes both BW and color, as well as wheapasting.


Tabling Materials

Information and resources for running your own CascadiaNow! Information Table for any event.