New Cascadia Muted/Subdued Doug Patches 2x3.25 Douglas Fir Cascadia Flag Patches are now available, in subdued colors like those worn on camouflage or battle uniforms in the military with iron on backing. $3.00 each or 4 for $10 and all orders come with free shipping!

They can be purchased directly from


Cascadian Flags Restocked

The New Shipment of 3x5 Cascadian Flags has or should arrive shortly! While the waiting period is unfortunate, it is only because the first batch of 500 sold out in under a month.

Available  for order and preorder for $24 from


Rectangle and Cascadia Shield Patches

As always 2x3½" (5x9cm) Cascadia rectangle and shield patches are available for purchase from Smallflags in Oregon for $3.00 each, with bulk discounts available for large purchases. Flags are also available for sale from this manufacturer, but are very expensive ($59 or $82) so it’s suggested you go with the PDX republic order.

Patches can be purchased directly from

As always, all of this information can be found on our website including prices and locations