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Unfortunately in today’s world you don’t get very far without funding. This is why

Occupied Cascadia, a documentary by South Central Cascadia group Cascadia Matters, needs your help.

Directors and co-producers Devin Hess and Mel Sweet have taken their cause to Kickstart.com, a fund raising website, in order to make sure that this film becomes a reality. It’s a fairly simple platform. You have a cause, a goal and a time frame. The funds do not become available until and unless you reach your full goal.

Their goal is set at $13,500 and as of this publication they have raised over $2,300. That’s almost 20% already in just a few weeks.

The deadline for donation is May 1st, so don’t hesitate. Even if you can’t do much, the minimum donation is $1, with plenty of incentives for larger contributions.

Visit CascadiaMatters.org for more information and a link to the Kickstart page.

Tip: If you’re looking to get a flag $25 gets you a 3x5 Doug Flag, which costs $24 elsewhere.


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