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University of Washington Chapter:

For those UW students out there, a University of Washington (UW) Cascadia Now! Chapter has been formed and meets each week on Tuesday at 3:30pm in the Upstairs of Café Allegro.

They now have a website at http://uwcascadiaproject.org

The Café Allegro is located at 4214 University Way, Seattle, WA., in the alley behind Magus Books.

Students from other schools, colleges and universities are more than welcome, as are anyone who can’t make the regular Seattle meetings on Saturdays. The main focus thus far seems to be on networking and coalition building with other student groups, hosting events, creating lots of buttons, stickers and flyerings and helping raise awareness about the idea of Cascadia.

The UW Chapter has also ordered a banner and it’s on the way. It is completely generic and can (and should) be used by all groups for all events. It’s 6’ x 3.5’ so good for tabling or just increasing a presence at any event.

There is also the potential to make a variety of buttons for distribution. If you have design ideas please send them in to CascadiaNow@gmail.com


Seattle Chapter:

The Seattle Chapter is gearing up for the summer. The first goal is to create an information table which would include basic information for people that could be set up at various events are Seattle such as Folk Life, Bumbershoot, etc. This material will also be openly distributed on our website for any other groups to use as they see fit.

The first such event we plan to attend is various May Day rallies around Seattle. The table will be set up at Westlake Park between 9am-12pm and then move up to Judkins Park where the May 1st Coalition is starting their march.

A “Regional Chapter Starter Pack” is nearly completed. This is a how-to for anyone interested in started a group in their area will simplified information about networking, establishing an online presence, and contact points for other groups.

Collaborating with other areas is moving forward at full steam. Connections have been made with people in Vancouver BC, Olympia, Bellingham, Ellensburg, Portland, Spokane, Roseburg, San Francsico, Bend, and many more. If you are interested in getting involved in your area please contact us and we’ll connect you with others in your area that have expressed an interest.

Plans are also in the works for our first major event on May 18th.  We are currently reviewing possible locations and will have full details in next months newsletter. What we know at this point is that it will be at an outdoor location featuring live music and food. If you are interesting in volunteering let us know!

Finally this newsletter. We are committed to producing this monthly newsletter as a means to further integrate the various groups and spread the Cascadia idea as much as possible.

More information can be found through their website at http://seattlecascadiaproject.org


Olympia Cascadia Now! Chapter Established

The Olympia Chapter had its inaugural meeting on March 16th at Vic’s Pizza. Their first project is to get t-shirts and hoodies made up. They are accepting design submissions and if yours is chosen you get a free t-shirt!

They also established a new blog and online presence at:


Their next meeting is April 6th at Vic’s Pizza, 233 Division St NW, Olym-pia, WA. If you are interested in attending please contact Christopher Bade



Bellingham Chapter Founded:

The first meeting will be held on April 5th at 8 pm at Pizza Pipeline + McKay's Taphouse, 1118 E Maple St. They are conveniently located just north of SE home Hill Park, within walking distance of WWU campus and just off the Samish Way exit from I-5.

Everyone is encouraged to stop by and check it out, enjoy some good conver-sation about Cascadia and great local ales. This is an introductory meeting so details about future meet ups will be discussed.

Anyone interested in attending can contact Eric James for more details at ericthomasjames@gmail.com 


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