Recent Updates:

Our Mission

is to cultivate a resilient and inclusive Pacific Northwest community.

together, we envision

 a positive social movement for the unified Pacific Northwest with a recognizable culture of bioregional sustainability.

Our Organization

Working together, CascadiaNow! is a grassroots, umbrella 501(c)3 non-profit organization that provides resources and direct services to groups, projects, and community partners to raise awareness of Cascadia; celebrate our distinct regional identity and culture, and increase the autonomy of the Cascadia bioregion - socially, economically and environmentally. 

We empower all forms of positive, non-partisan Cascadia organizing.

We want to see a bioregion that is self sufficient, responsible for our actions, impacts and the consequences of our modern lifestyles, in which people are supported and connected into their community and land base, and every person, without exception, is able to participate in the governance of every facet affecting their life.

We view Cascadia as a lens to re-frame global issues to a regional and local level where change is happening every day. It's our goal to move people away from the idea that stepping into a voting box every four years will impact change, instead encourage people to get out in their communities about issues they feel passionately about, regardless of what those may be.

Our Goal is to

  • share the idea of Cascadia with the 15 million inhabitants of this bioregion in a positive way, that engages each person to be part of our movement and region.  
  • spread sponsorship, services, resources and support so that each person may be an agent of change around issues they feel important in their community, within the Cascadia bioregion.
  • support a region that is autonomous, resilient and self-sufficient, responsible and accountable for it's own actions - and that uses Cascadia as a lens to transform seemingly impossible challenges to a local context, where real change is happening on a daily basis.