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CascadiaNow! is an exciting place for interns from all over the bioregion to learn the inner workings of a small, grass-roots non-profit organization. We offer internships, typically at least one academic quarter, either for individual study or for school credit. We are happy to have you put your skills to work on a current project that you'd enjoy or to discuss designing a new project that is aligned with your learning goals and passions.

Past Interns

Mikey Callan

Sustainability Intern, Marchthrough June, 2017

mikey longboarding outside moles building.jpg

Mikey was an environmental impact assessment intern. He audited transactions and the store database, analyzed internal operations, uncovered some inefficiencies, and provided feedback on options that reduce cost and carbon emissions. He researched the impact of the store and employee activity and developed a life cycle assessment report. He roughly quantified CascadiaNow!’s carbon footprint and made comparisons with similar non-profits.

Taylor McAvoy

Communications Intern, June 13, 2016 to September 12, 2016

Taylor created and still maintains Faces of Cascadia, a blog series of profiles highlighting some of her fellow Cascadians with in depth interviews about their work, life and inspirations. Faces of Cascadia has become a popular series and is continuing to accept suggestions. Taylor has also photographed and reported Cascadian events such as the Fremont Solstice Parade, Cascadia NW Music and Arts Festival, and the Ballard P-patch Community Art in the Garden while providing stock nature photography from her hikes around Cascadia to connect people to nature and inspire adventure. She helped manage social media while promoting all her own articles and finding other Cascadian events and artists to promote on twitter.

Yingjie Gu

Communications Intern, June 13, 2016  to September 9, 2016

  • Created internship project proposal to reach out to the agriculture community and explore agriculture culture in Washington State.
  • Researched local organic farms and organized collected information into charts.
  • Contacted farms through emails and in person at farmers’ markets to schedule farm visits and interviews.
  • Prepared interview questions and coordinated with farmers for successful farm visits and interviews.
  • Produced project video storyboard and directed all video filming.
  • Edited video footage to create a shareable,  educational local agriculture culture video.
  • Wrote a project recap blog post for CascadiaNow!’s website.
  • Promoted the video and project blog post on CascadiaNow’s official Facebook and Twitter account.

Mariah Edwards-Heflin

Communications Intern, April 5th through June 11th, 2016


Mariah independently discovered, researched, reported, and designed and eleven article series on The Ten Principles of Bioregional Living which included interviews with fellow Cascadians. She assisted in managing the CascadiaNow! Facebook page and Twitter account, promoting her own articles as well as sharing many other bioregional news. The Tweets she composed with inspirational quotes, sustainable lifestyle articles and Cascadian environmental news were especially engaging and popular.

Isaac Chandler

Program & Outreach Intern, February 1st through May 30th, 2016


Isaac is proud to have set up the first annual Cascadia Collegiate E-Cup. Creating and holding this new event included budgeting and reimbursements, inviting collegiate teams throughout Cascadia, and coordinating both online and live event aspects. As a CascdiaNow! intern, Isaac also helped out at CascadiaNow! events. He was a part of all event aspects from planning to tabling.

Adrianna Hennessey

Outreach Intern, September 21 through December 31, 2015

While serving as the Outreach Intern, Adri assisted with and led numerous projects such as expanding CascadiaNow!'s park cleanup network to cities outside of Seattle, developing blog writing tactics and topics, and expanding the CN! reading list. Throughout her internship she also tabled at events and managed database entries. A highlight of her time with CN! was co-leading some of the first CN! sponsored park cleanups where she was able to meet other Cascadians and connect new people of all ages to CN! while also partaking in urban forest restoration. 


Rianna Mariman

Communications and Outreach Intern, July 13th through September 30th, 2015

During her internship with CascadiaNow!, Rianna worked on two different research projects.  The first was a compilation or reading list of literature relevant to Cascadia and bioregionalism, such as news features, novels, poetry, scholarly articles, etc. for those wishing to learn more about both historical and contemporary discourse on the region.  The second was a summary of potential future outreach opportunities throughout the Northwest, including fairs, festivals, conferences, etc., for CascadiaNow! to connect with the community and spread its message.

Ethan Fletcher

Development Intern,  May 13th through September 23rd, 2015

  • Maintained database of supporters, volunteer-hours, and donations
  • Helped research grants and assisted grant writer
  • Copywriter for some organizational policies
  • Assisted in website updates and improvements 
  • Helped train new intern in work flow documentation and responsibilities
  • Assisted in another administrative/general tasks within CN!