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Cascadia Workgroups


Cascadia Association Football Federation: 
Aaron Johnson
Facebook Page

Cascadia Bioregional Passport
Nic Bowcut

Cascadia E-Cup
Isaac Chandler

Cascadian Economic Democracy
Eliot Karten

Cascadia GIS & Geography Workgroup:
Jacob Caggiano

Cascadia Magazine:
Andy Engelson

Core Programs

Cascadia Ambassador & Chapter Network
Morgan McClanahan

Cascadia Culture Week
Morgan McClanahan

Cascadia Convergence
Adri Hennessy

Cascadia Curriculum
Brandon Letsinger

Cascadia Day - May 18
Morgan McClanahan

Made in Cascadia
Morgan McClanahan

Cascadia Regional High Speed Rail
Brandon Letsinger

Awesome Partners


Cascadia Now! Regional Ambassadors and Chapters:


British Columbia

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Portland Ambassador:
Karja Cygnus
Facebook Page

Ontario Ambassador:
Sammy Castonguay




Seattle CascadiaNow! Chapter
Erin Fox
Facebook Page
Facebook Group

Spokane Ambassador:
Nic Bowcut

Other Regions: 


Coming soon!

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