Envision Cascadia seeks to list, map, and make available sustainable cultural activities and assets in the context of communities, watersheds, and ecosystems of the Pacific Northwest/Cascadian Bioregion.


To co-create a guide to the Cascadian bioregion: To provide a tool for the creative energies of an emerging eco-culture – specific to place, grounded in the recognition of being but one holon within a series of many – to envision organized communities of various scales that include the life processes of the non-human community, with localized economies that place life values over money values.

How it works…

Envision Cascadia is an interactive online guide that allows users to locate sustainable purchasing options and volunteer opportunities among many other resources – while using “nested” ecosystems of the Cascadia (the Pacific NW) to locate the various resources that they seek and to learn about the culture and ecology of the region.

Each location page has an accompanying place description and a forum that allows members to join a conversation around the descriptions of each location, rate and discuss the sustainability of listed resources, suggest missing items and critique those listed. The goal is to help guide the region’s culture in a direction of refined purchasing practices, increased participation in local place-making, and increased awareness of local ecosystems.

The guide currently exists as a working example, with only a few locations active and a small selection of resources and little content. But anyone interested in the concept is invited to take a look, make suggestions, and volunteer to help continue the site’s construction.