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CascadiaNow! creates a space where every person is empowered to be active about issues important to them, find solidarity and support, and spread that idea. As an umbrella, fiscal sponsorship 501(c)3 non-profit organization,  we suppor all forms of Cascadia organizing, and extend our non-profit status to a wide range of groups and projects, as well as services that many groups need, but few have the resources for.

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Sponsored Projects

  • May 18th Cascadia Day
  • Cascadia Rainingman Festival
  • The Living Bus Project
  • Cascadia Panel Series
  • Cascadia Fibershed
  • Liquid Democracy and Feedback
  • Cascadebulance
  • The Cascadia-Anne
  • Bioregional Passport
  • Cascadia HSR
  • Code for Cascadia
  • Cascadio
  • Regional Currency Project
  • Cascadia Eco-Label
  • Made in Cascadia Initiative
  • Cascadia Community and Business Association
  • Postcards from the Future
  • The Grand Cascadia Caravan

Partner Projects

  • Cascadia NW Festival
  • Cascadia Association Football Federation
  • Cascadia Poetry Festival
  • Cascadia Punx
  • Cascadia Underground Hiking Club
  • Cascadia Illuminati
  • Cascadia Food Initiative
  • Cascadia Wikimedians
  • Cascadia Geography Mini-Conference
  • Cascadia Brewers Cup
  • Cascadia Dirt Cup
  • Vote Cascadia
  • Understanding Cascadia

Partner Organizations

  • Cascadia Climate Action
  • Cascadia Wildlands
  • Music on the Mounds
  • Sightline Institute
  • Cascadia Education Project
  • Cascadia Hacks
  • Free Cascadia!
  • Doug Fir Veterans - From Boots to Roots
  • Cascadia Veterans Assocation
  • Cascadia Forest Defenders
  • Cascadia Rising Tide
  • Cascadia Earth First!