Cascadia Underground

Cascadia Underground is a Seattle-based media center and Cascadia wide collective that provides action-focused education, resources and community space for the Cascadia movement and bioregional issues. By magnifying diverse voices, stories and perspectives, w empower Cascadians to actively resist oppression, exploitation, discrimination or marginalization. This project will:

  • Provide free/low-cost access to a fully-equipped media center for community groups to produce original multimedia content.

  • Provide free/low-cost multimedia documentation of community events and initiatives within the Cascadia social movement.

  • Partner with community groups to participate in community organizing and cultural events, such as Fremont Solstice Parade and Olympia's Procession of the Species.

  • Provide free/low-cost event and meeting space to community groups.

  • Develop thematic multi-media "toolkits" on issues of current relevance, designed to equip the general public with background info and suggested actions.

Cascadia Underground's mission is from education to action. All resources, classes, and services will be accessible to Cascadians seeking to learn and get
active around issues they are passionate about. The process of filming, recording, editing and publishing informs Cascadians on issues they care about, just as much as the final product educates others that they share it with.

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UpZones Podcast being made at Cascadia Underground

Project Leaders

Brandon Letsinger is an open source advocate, movement builder, and one of the original founders of CascadiaNow! A graduate from the University of Washington with a double degree in history and public health, he is passionate about increasing access to tools and services that
many people need, but very few have, and creating positive impact throughout the Cascadia bioregion.

Jay Conrad is a Cascadian-based media maker, ethical art advocate, and community organizer. They focus on raising awareness and increasing civil discussions through art, as well as tackling tough questions of ethics within the arts industry.

Travis Odinzoff is a media maker with a background in documentaries, film studies, and anthropology. He is skilled in event and media production management, and brings a diverse and passionate perspective to his projects while simultaneously uplifting other unique voices.