Cascadia Seed Distro

Finney Farms in Concrete WA is excited to provide programming for a freely provided Cascadia Seed Distro, providing 7-10 thousand seed packages yearly, as well as community garden design and implementation for community organizations and groups around the bioregion. As a component of a Food Not Lawns project, they grow and collect seed from a variety of heirloom and open pollinated vegetables.  Instead of marketing our wares as a source of income, we prefer to use the seed project for more altruistic purposes.

Finney farms want more people to grow their own food and to have access to locally grown, organic seeds and plants. They want organizations to help people learn to grow food and provide garden space for people who have none.  They want heirloom varieties to be preserved, and to encourage species diversity for the health of our planet and people.  So, they give our seed away.  Each year they give away thousands of packages of seed and all of the expenses have come out of pocket.  Growing, harvesting, processing, packaging, materials, travel's all been a wonderful experience that we find worthwhile.

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