Welcome to Cascadia Culture Week: May 13th - May 21st

We celebrate Cascadia Culture Week to remind ourselves of our distinct regional values, our unique cultural traditions and beliefs, and our devotion to creating a sustainable and equitable community in which leadership is in the hands of the people and a strong community is our greatest asset.

What is Cascadia Culture Week, you ask?

No matter which team you root for, what language you speak at home, we are all Cascadian. A strong Cascadian community can be a true catalyst for local, equitable change. We celebrate Cascadia Culture Week to remind ourselves of distinct regional values, unique traditions, inherent beliefs, and our devotion to creating a sustainable and equitable community in which leadership is in the hands of the people and a strong community is our greatest asset.

So please, celebrate being Cascadian with us this week. We are happy to share this bioregion with you, are honored by all the work you are doing to help CN! become a hub for creating positive community change at the grassroots level, which creates a healthier community for all Cascadians.

We have created a basic schedule of events that lays the groundwork for Cascadians to show their bioregional pride each day of the week. We are asking every Cascadian to think of ways they can celebrate, or host or share an already existing event in your community!

Awesome Ways to Celebrate Cascadia Culture Week!

  • Fly your flag & wear your swag! Host a flag waving party, or help print out & put up posters, reach out to businesses and share in your neighborhood. 
  • Share Cascadia. Share your favorite Cascadian photographs, images, posters on social media, raise awawreness and educate friends, and make sure to tag @Cascadianow! #CascadiaNow #CascadiaCW during the week. If you're a facebooker, feel free to use this great Cascadia flag overlay for your profile to help raise awareness. 
  • Shop & eat locally. Use the week as an opportunity to share your favorite local businesses, restaurants, organizations, and businesses to friends and family. Do your shopping at a farmers market, cook meals using local ingredients, and have a great week knowing you are supporting your friends, family, neighborhood, and community, all in way which helps shift our actions to a bioregional model.
  • Volunteer. Hook in with an amazing cause or organization you feel represents Cascadian values in your neighborhood or city. 
  • Get political. Write or call your representatives to see how they feel on Cascadia. Do a bit of research, write a card, give them a call and let them know whether you think they are doing a good job, or bad job - and how they stand about issues you care about. 
  • Get outdoors. Go for a hike, pull some invasive species, plant native plants, and celebrate this amazing bioregion. Go on a Cascadia photoshoot to capture the essence of what Cascadia means to you.
  • Create an art project. Cascadia is a #DIY movement! Create or host a Cascadia art party that helps represent the things that are special. 
  • Learn about Bioregionalism or Cascadia by checking out some of the awesome books and articles on our reading list here! Or take the next step and host a reading group or book club!

Make sure to share by tagging @cascadianow on FB, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr or elsewhere. #Cascadia #CascadiaNow #CascadiaCW. Also feel free to share pictures, ideas, and events to morgan@cascadianow.org. 

Know of a cool event, or want to share one? Share on social media and tag @cascadianow #cascadia #Cascadianow and we'll share it out!

Host an event!

One of the best things to do is to host a community event! We've put together a suggested calendar, and over the course of the week we'll be adding your events to raise awareness of Cascadia, build community, and shift our habits, and celebrate our unique Cascadian culture. Host a potluck, salon, discussion, art party, political card writing with friends, put up posters, reach out to businesses, organize a music night, a movie night, or a reading book, go on a hike with friends, get active with a cause or organization you love, throw a fundraiser for a cause, then email us or fill out the form to hook it in so we can share it out! 

And lastly, make sure to join us at our Cascadia Convergence this year, happening June 9-12 in SW Washington.

How would you like to get active?

Below are just some awesome ideas for ways to get active. While these are suggested, if you have your own ideas, or some of these days don't work, please feel free to fill out the form and suggest your own!

      Saturday 05/13

      Cook a community meal


      with all/mostly locally sourced, Cascadian ingredients or a Cascadian inspired dish.


      1. Ingredients bought at a local farmers market or coop!
      2. Sponsor a meal for a local homeless shelter or a social service organization that feeds fellow hungry Cascadians.
      3. Invite neighbors and friends over to contribute an ingredient/entree/local brew/ or dessert!
      4. Take pictures of your feast and tag #CascadiaCW @CascadiaNow and we’ll share!
      5. Host a meal for fellow Cascadians! Email us, or fill out our form here and we’ll share on our website, and list of events

      Find a Farmer's Market near you!
      - WA
      - OR
      - British Columbia
      - ID
      - CA

      Sunday 5/14

      Wrangle up some friends for a Hike!

      Whether its a stroll around a local park/beach/river/forest, or Squatch hunting in the Pacific Northwest Wilderness!


      1. Forage some foods like mushrooms or berries using a local guide book (links)
      2. Work to identify and become an expert in various wildlife/plants species that are distinctly Cascadian
      3. Find some old historic landmarks
      4. Share your hike so fellow Cascadians can join you! Email us, or fill out our form here and we’ll share on our website, and list of events!
      5. Take a picture of your expedition and tag #CascadiaCW

      Find some trails in your state!
      - WA
      - OR
      - BC
      - ID
      - CA


      Monday 5/15

      Eat Local


      Visit a locally owned coffee roastery in your region that has sustainable/ethical practices. Get a local brew made with those famous Cascadian hops from a local (and perhaps sustainably operated?) brewery! Visit a locally owned restaurant, cafe, ice cream shop, etc. etc.!


      1. Find a restaurant that sources ingredients locally and or practices eco-friendly business!
      2. Take a picture share with us.
      3. See if they would be interested to partner, or host Cascadia information (about food, or CascadiaNow?)
      4. Work with a group of friends to create a list or directory of where local and fresh food is available. 

      Tuesday 5/16

      Get political!


      Write a postcard to your local elected official, whether it be city council rep, congressmen, senator, mayor, governor, or get involved with awesome local initiaves!


      1. Order in from a local restaurant and make an event out of it! Invite some friends over
      2. Research local initiatives or upcoming ballot measures that are important to you (links)
      3. Make some politically engaged and inspired art to send your elected officials!
      4. Find another organization, cause or group that needs volunteers, and rally up friends to support their cause, or create a fundraiser.
      5. Take a picture of your work and tag #cascadiaCW to see what others are writing to their officials about!

      Wednesday 05/17

      Have a Cascadia movie marathon! 

      Support a locally owned movie store, movie theater, or local director by watching some movies that were either:

      1. Filmed in Cascadia
      2. Have a Cascadian Cast/Director
      3. Expose light on an important issue important to Cascadia or our culture.
      4. Not Twilight


      Not into having a marathon and only have a few bucks to spare?

      • Go see an independent film from a locally owned cinema in your area that is either a non-profit or not owned by a national corporation!
      • Don’t forget your Cascadian snacks! (Theo chocolate, Lil woodys popcorn, etc.)
      • Let us know what you saw! Tag the movie, the theater, the shop, and #CascadiaCW

      Thur 5/18 CASCADIA DAY

      Fly your flag and wear your swag!

      Show us your Cascadian pride by flying your flag, wearing some Cascadian swag, finding a perfect place for a flag stickers, or creating some of your own Cascadian art to showcase!  

      1. Read up on the history behind the Cascadian flag, the Cascadian movement, and CN! as an organization.
      2. Plaster stickers in your community.
      3. Check our swag site and other local swag making artists
      4. Take a picture and tag #CascadiaCW


      • Give your Facebook Profile a Cascadia image overlay with this nifty app. 
      • Let your friends know about Cascadia by making a post with your favorite facts, links or groups. 
      • Share your favorite Cascadia picture, or photograph and make sure to tag @cascadia or #cascadianow #cascadiacw.

      Friday 5/19

      Support local music!


      Know any live shows coming to town during culture week? If not- go to the library/record store and rent/purchase some albums from local bands and have a Cascadian themed listening party.

      1. If the band isn’t local, support the venue! Whether it’s a local coffee shop, bar, or solely music venue- go local and support them as a hub for local music!
      2. Host a house show if you are so musically inclined, or help a friend to if you have the space!
      3. Staying on a budget but play an instruments (or have friends that do?) Invite people over for a simple jam session.
      4. Tag #CascadiaCW and let us know who you’re into!

      Saturday 05/20

      Create Cascadian art !

      1. Create a cool Cascadian piece of art, by drawing, painting knitting, or whatever medium you can think of. 
      2. Host an art party and create a cool project with friends, or hit the streets for a guerrilla style campaign. 
      3. Research and visit a local Cascadian art gallery/space
      4. Share your favorite public or Cascadian art with friends, or on social media. 
      5. Have some friends over for a drawing session or meet at a local cafe!
      6. Tag your art with #CascadiaCW so we can share!

      Sunday 05/21 - Envisioning Cascadia

      Hold a Community Building Event: Organize a community event with fellow Cascadians to envision how you would like to get active in your community! Consider:

      1. An Action Planning Summit or meeting
      2. Plan how you and your community members want to get active, be involved or promote Cascadia in 2017!
        1. Is there an event you'd like to start hosting?
        2. Are their lifestyle changes you'd like to make that are more in line with Cascadian values?
        3. Are there programs missing that you'd like to see/plan?
        4. Are there Cascadian centered projects that you'd like to reach out to, learn more about, get involved with?
        5. What are easy ways that you can promote Cascadia once a week? Long term?

      And make sure to bring your ideas and join us for our third annual Cascadia convergence, June 9-12 near Mt . Rainier in SW Washington. 

      CASCADIA DAY: Why May 18th? 

      May 18th is the anniversary of the Mt. St. Helens eruption, chosen by former Seattle University professor David McCloskey as a day to represent Cascadia because of it's visceral reminder of the dynamism of our region. We live under massive forces that shape our world, in a region defined through it's geography, geology and topography - and we are all a part of these processes.

      Cascadia Day is a day chosen to join together to help celebrate and raise awareness of Cascadia, meet our neighbors, and discuss and plan how we are going to positively create change here in the Pacific Northwest. Block parties, potlucks, movie nights, neighborhood cleanups, barbecues, tree plantings, wine tastings, wheat-pasting, pub nights, etc.  Join or host an event that you feel would represent Cascadia, and plug in with hundreds of others via twitter and livestream. Help us make Cascadia Day an annual reality! Raise your flag, wear your patch, and join hundreds of other Cascadians for neighborhood events throughout the region, building Cascadia as a positive force for change.



      This is Cascadia. We are Cascadian.