Cascadia Climate Action

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Providing Tools for Grassroots Activism

The need for a “one stop” calendar of climate events became clear while some of us were beginning to get active on climate change.  We’d hear of events and campaigns through meetings, emails, Facebook, websites and mailings, but had nowhere to go to easily find them all.  There was also the need to know what date wouldn’t conflict with another event when scheduling a new action.

Essentially, there was no one place to check for what was happening, when something was happening, and where; or to pick among the variety of events that one particular thing that best fit a person’s interest, values, skills and community.  To fill this need, Cascadia Climate Action was began in 2014 with the underlying goal of facilitating public engagement in climate action.  The calendar aggregates climate events from around the region so that each individual can easily find (at least) one thing to do to address the  climate crisis and to enjoy being part of the solution to this global challenge.

The Cascadia Climate Action Team:  

This collaborative grassroots effort has been made possible through the hard work of current and former volunteers.  All great people who are always a pleasure to be with as we strive to encourage increased climate action! Learn more, get involved on their website: