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 Welcome to the Cascadia Association Football Federation (CAFF)

As a provisional member of the N.F.-Board we are investigating the forming of an official Cascadia Association Football Federation and regional team. We are in the applying for non-profit sponsorship for the purposes of participating in friendlies and competitions, building partnerships with divisional play, and using soccer as a tool to help inspire engagement throughout the Pacific Northwest.

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If you would like to be involved with this project, please email with 'CAFF' in the subject line.

The NF-Board is an organization founded in a Brussels pub in December of 2003 similar to FIFA the organization which governs football/soccer worldwide. As such the NF-Board governs new federations belonging to several categories which are: Peoples, Nations, Minorities and Isolated Territories populations, which are not affiliated with FIFA. The NF-Board’s primary aim is to organize international football games, regardless of political or religious factors. It is not opposed to FIFA but rather, complementary to it. It sees itself both as a “waiting room” for new nations wishing to become part of FIFA as well as a home for communities and peoples not officially recognized or represented in international football.

Every two years the NF-Board organizes the VIVA World Cup which one of its 27 member Football Associations (FAs) is the host of.

Our goal is to allow Cascadia as distinct cultural entity, isolated bioregion and growing society with common interests to be represented at the international level in the sport we in Cascadia are all passionate about and which connects us to other similar communities and peoples around the globe.