The Cascadia Chapbook (Hardcopy)


The Cascadia Chapbook (Hardcopy)


By: Poetry Collection

The Cascadia Chapbook is a collection of poetry centered around the sense of place within Cascadia. 

From the Publisher:

Here is a fortunate group: inhabitants of the bioregion
known as Cascadia, poets who accepted a challenge
to respond to another's (anonymous) poem by leaping
from it or by falling deeper into it, letting it open. 
The result is a fortunate collaboration: answers to the
question how will we write about this place, here, now?

This chapbook was printed at Leaf Press on creamy flecked recycled papers; 
hand folded into translucent indigo flysheets and hand stitched
as apple blossoms blew by the windows.

(Also available directly from Leaf Press Co)

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