Our Mission

is to cultivate a resilient and inclusive Pacific Northwest community.

Together, we envision

 a positive social movement for the unified Pacific Northwest with a recognizable culture of bioregional sustainability.

Organizational Past, Present, and Future

CascadiaNow! was formed as a 501(c)3 social movement organization to create a central hub of services and support that many groups need, but very few have access to; and provide a transparent and accountable infrastructure that allows for democratic and horizontal self organization and can build in an exponential growth curve as the movement grows.

Our work:

  • Educates and raises awareness of Cascadia & Bioregionalism, by giving presentations & building resources

  • Supports Ambassadors and Chapters that educate, build partnerships and affect change in their local communities.

  • Supports Project Leaders who host programs and events that helps improve the well being of the Cascadia bioregion and its inhabitants.

  • Provide a hub for communications and services for large scale mobilizations or campaigns that support the efforts outlined in our principles within the greater Seattle region.

  • Tables and Partners with other organizations, causes and events in line with our principles.


CascadiaNow! was founded in 2015 as a community organization to help raise awareness of Cascadia and bioregionalism and to build a positive social and place based movement for the Pacific Northwest. We empower every person to be active about the issues they care about, and after more than ten years of watching great ideas struggle not because they weren't great ideas, but because many people lacked the support they needed - CascadiaNow! finally took the jump to becoming a 501(c)3 non-profit in 2015.

Today, CascadiaNow! is one of eight fiscal sponsorship organizations in Washington State, and serves programming throughout the entire Cascadia bioregion. Aside from building an amazing network of regional organizers and chapters that promote Cascadia & bioregionalism and shift our impacts locally, our team has grown from one person alone in a basement to a team of three, and have adopted more than 30 programs that each help the Cascadia bioregion in their own special way. Take a look at our guiding values and governing documents here!

Right now, we are excited to be exploring the transition of our organization to an entirely democratically run, non-profit co-operative, where supporters, ambassadors, chapters, project leaders, and member programs all take leadership and mentor roles in building the movement we want to see. We hope you join us!


Our board of directors is a voluntary board made up of awesome and caring folks driven by their motivation and love of their Pacific Northwest community.

Nic Bowcut



Nic is an avid Cascadian and engaged community member living in Spokane, WA. He is a founder of the Northeast Farmers Market, served as Chair to the Whitman Neighborhood Council, the Community Assembly and Transportation Advisory Board, and is the current Facility Services Coordinator for the NE Community Center in Spokane. He is a hockey enthusiastic, film and music buff, and has a wonderful wife Tiffany, a daughter Cassidy and a pit bull mix named Cody. He is passionate about creating awareness of Cascadia, and working to improve issues affecting the quality of life for Cascadians, and hopes that through his participating in the CN! Board, that he can allow for greater representation and action for Eastern Washington organizing.

Gwendolyn High



Gwendolyn is dedicated to building effective and accountable teams and sustainable organizations through challenging, collaborative, and supportive leadership inspiring individuals to their highest
productivity and initiative. She co-founded Community Alliance to Reach Out & Engage and  is the Operations Manager for the American Heart Association - Puget Sound. Gwendolyn is passionate
about individuals' and communities' active engagement and collaboration in crafting public policy that builds the best possible future for Cascadia.

Sammy Castonguay



Sammy and his family currently live in Ontario, Oregon where he is the Integrated Science instructor at Treasure Valley Community College. Originally from South Dakota, he stumbled upon Cascadia through receiving his Master’s at the University of Oregon. Bioregionalism has interested Sammy for many years and is what led him to follow the development of CascadiaNow! movement over the years, even after taking his first teaching job across the country at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire. Having returned to the Cascadia region around a year ago, Sammy jumped at the opportunity to become a founding member of CascadiaNow! and take on a more active role by enthusiastically educating others about bioregionalism and seeking collaboration with other local groups to create a positive impact on the southeastern Cascadia community and beyond.  

Erin Fox

Bioregionalism Officer

Erin is an artist and activist who grew up in Arlington, WA and has been living in Seattle for over 10 years. Passionate about sustainable living she sees the bioregional theory of change as the best way to have all voices at the table in structuring a just, sustainable future. She has been an active volunteer in the Socialist Alternative, $15 Now campaign, 350, Neighborhood Action Coalition,  and Womxn’s march on Seattle, and Seattle CascadiaNow. Other passions include plastic free living, art, music, old growth trees, and world travel. 



Our staff is a part time team of friendly and kind people with a full time passion for non-profit organizations and Cascadia.

Bethany Clochard

Projects Manager


Bethany’s skills can be summarized this way: build awareness, understanding, and relationships. Bethany serves as “concierge” for CN!'s fiscally sponsored projects. Regular and ongoing communications ensure project leaders get answers to widely-varied questions. Bethany ensures project web pages and donation forms are created, assists with project events, publicity and finances, and is the key staff person for CN!'s fiscal sponsor program.  She also creates on-line programs and trainings that foster a sense of shared community among our project leaders; since they are geographically dispersed and seldom get to meet one another face-to-face, this is a key benefit to support them.

Adri Hennessey | (she/her)

Operations and Resources Director


Adri Hennessey

Adri is a Seattle transplant from Idaho and lover of all things Cascadia. Adri first became involved with CascadiaNow! as the Outreach intern in 2015, going on to become the Store Manager in 2017. She took over the role of Operations Director in 2019 and loves being able to work both with spreadsheets and people through this role. With a background in environmental science, she received a Master of Public Administration at the University of Washington in June 2019. In her free time, you can find her biking about Seattle, cooking up a delicious meal in the kitchen, or playing with her sweet kitten Rhea! 

Jad Baaklini | (He/Him)

Community Engagement Director



Jad is a writer and community organizer from Beirut, Lebanon. He has been involved with CN! since immigrating to Seattle in July, 2018, first as Social Media Intern, and then as Community Engagement Director in May, 2019.

Jad’s primary role at CN! is to support Project Leaders in their communication and promotional needs, as well as to strategize and implement CascadiaNow!’s outreach to the wider Cascadian public.

When he isn’t posting to Instagram, you’ll find Jad riding the bus with his headphones on, probably on his way to a meeting with other pro-transit advocates in Greater Seattle.



For inquiries, email us at info@cascadianow.org or contact us here.


Phone Contact

206 249 9985

Mailing Address

CascadiaNow!, PO Box 30181, Seattle, WA 98113


By Check: Please make checks payable to CascadiaNow!. If the donation is to a specific project, program, workgroup, or chapter, please designate it by including the name of it on the for section.

Online: Gifts can be made directly to CN! with a one time payment, or a monthly payment here, or by clicking on a project on our project page.


CN! is a supporter driven organization and movement. Click to become a sustaining member, or if you would like to renew your membership.