recipe book

May Recipe Book Update


The Seattle Chapter of CascadiaNow! is creating a magazine style Recipe Book publication that will come out quarterly/seasonally. Each edition will be less than 100 pages and will be photo rich in an effort to diminish language barriers. Our committee of 11 participants have been working since February on a volunteer basis to plan the structure, strategy and mission for the Recipe Book.

Below is an in-progress description of how we see the Recipe Book taking shape. Please feel welcome to leave a comment to this post, all feedback is warmly welcome! To join the online discussion, please visit our Facebook Group. 

General Outline:

  • Cover
  • Glossary
  • Special Thanks (Sponsors)
  • Mission and Purpose
  • Map
  • Index by meal type (Breakfast, lunch, snack/appetizer, dinner, dessert)
  • Index by section (Wetlands, Alpine, Coastal, Prairies, Forests, Urban) 
  • Recipes (5 recipes per section)
    • Alpine
    • Forests
    • Prairies
    • Coastal
    • Wetlands
    • Urban
  • Local Farms list (partner with
  • Hunting, trapping and fishing permitting info
  • Sponsors, events, general promo
  • Back page

Title Ideas:

  • Cascadian Cuisine

Purpose Statements: 

  • Crafting Cascadian food culture
  • Connecting farms to foodies


  • Connect to local farmers
  • Promote local options for imported goods
  • Build community around meals 
  • Inform on
    • Permits (hunting, fishing, trapping)
    • Foraging (how-to's with a focus on preservation and cultural awareness)
    • Invasive plants (how to consume without propagating)
    • Native heritage/history (acknowledging native influence through appreciation)


  • Each full-page spread will include:
    • Description of main ingredient
    • Where to forage map
    • ‘Legend’ for descriptors like native vs. non-native, where it’s found, anything dangerous that resembles this plant, 
    • Two recipes, one for cooking one for preserving
    • Relevance to native populations and historical relevance
  • If the food stuff does not come from Cascadia, we will not include it. However, wasabi from a farm in Oregon would be able to be included. We will recommend where to buy hard to find items on the recipe page.
  • We will not recommend foraging in the city due to the presence of heavy metals (citation needed)